LaRon Landry’s Arms Continue To Grow: NFL Star Stirs Up New PED Debate With Selfie

LaRon Landry’s arms are causing more buzz for the NFL safety. A new selfie featuring the football player was posted on Thursday, and the photo has people buzzing about Landry on social media. The former Indianapolis Colts player is known for his large arms, but they have grown even larger since the end of the NFL season earlier this year.

Sporting News shared the gym selfie featuring LaRon Landry on Friday. The football player was at the gym and working out when he stopped for the selfie. His arms are not hard to miss in the photo. Some reports say that his arms are bigger than his head. Look at the photo and judge that for yourself.

In an interview back in 2012, Landry spoke about his large arms. He talked about the challenges he faces when it comes to clothes. His suits are custom made for him, and he complained that the suit he was wearing for that interview was too tight on him still. However, he defended his large arms during that interview as well.

“The arms come natural with any type of lifting I do. I get a pump with my arms … I could be doing a just chest work out and get a pump with my arms. I have the proper technique and everything. The arms are going to be the arms. I can’t do anything about them.”

However, Landry has been at the center of two scandals over performance enhancing drugs since that interview in 2012. During the 2014 season, Landry was suspended for four games due to a performance enhancing drugs violation.

At the end of the suspension, he did not immediately return to his position as starting safety for the Colts. According to ESPN, he split time with Sergio Brown before returning to the starting position during Week 16 when the Colts faced the Dallas Cowboys.

At the end of the four-game suspension, he did receive support from his teammates. He revealed that everyone welcomed him back with “open arms.” Reggie Wayne, receiver for the Colts, spoke about Landry’s return at that time, according to the Indy Star.

“No matter what the situation is, things happen. We don’t judge. Never did. We just try to work through it. He came back. When I saw him, I (shook his hand), gave him a man hug, and (it was) time to go to work. (I said) ‘Welcome back, we can use you.’ We need everybody in this locker room. Whatever his role is, we’re going to need 110 percent out of him.”

However, the Colts cut Landry from the team after the football season ended. Landry is now a free agent looking for a new team to call home. That search might not be easy for him. Landry was suspended again earlier this month, according to NESN.

This suspension will force the safety to sit out the first 10 games of the 2015 NFL season. This suspension will cause teams to think twice before they pick him up.

This new selfie might also have an impact. NESN teased in their report that his arms appear to have “doubled in size over the past two and a half months.” The claim was made after the publication compared the new selfie with a photo of him taken during the AFC Championship Game.

The selfie share definitely has NFL fans talking about LaRon Landry on Twitter. Many of the posts talk about the size of his arms, and the reaction is mixed. The consensus is that his arms are way too big.

What do you think of LaRon Landry’s arms? Will he return to the NFL after his suspension?

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]

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