Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant, or just gaining weight?

Kelly Clarkson’s appearance on American Idol this evening has set tongues wagging after Clarkson showed what on the surface at least appeared to be a baby bump.

So is Kelly Clarkson pregnant? The answer is we can’t be sure, but it’s more likely just weight gain. Only recently, Clarkson told Us Weekly that she wasn’t interested at the moment in spawning children. She also told Ryan Seacrest that there is no special person in her life at the moment.

Clarkson, rumored by some to be a lesbian, has had a long battle with weight, often putting on the pounds only to lose them again in a semi-regular fashion.

One thing we can say for Clarkson: if she was pregnant, she’d probably share the news; only earlier today, details of an interview she did with Blender Magazine included gems from Clarkson such as she pisses on her self in the shower, and that she analyzes her snot for illness.

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