WWE News: Sheamus Responds To Being Called Reckless In The Ring

Sheamus has always had a reputation of being stiff in the ring, but during this past Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown taping, it seems that he was a little too stiff, as he busted Daniel Bryan open, causing Bryan to have seven stitches put in his head. Rumor has it that there are several people backstage who aren’t happy with Sheamus’ carelessness in the ring, especially since he was wrestling a guy who just returned from a near career-ending neck injury.

How did Sheamus respond to these claims? Well, he took to Twitter, and it seems like he was staying in his heel character, as he mocked all the people who have been calling him a careless worker.

This past week has been the most bloody week that WWE has seen in a very long time. On top of Sheamus busting open Daniel Bryan on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar was busted open at this past Sunday’s WrestleMania. WWE is very negative on blood, and has been for a very long time, and with WWE being a supposedly family friendly, PG entertainment, it’s likely that WWE will begin to crack down on its wrestlers if the carelessness and bleeding continues.

“WWE programming is TV-PG and we don’t permit intentional bleeding. The communication or contact between our performers and referees is part of our safety protocol. That said, unintentional blood sometimes occurs, and we do our best to minimize.”

There have been no official reports of Sheamus facing any kind of repercussions due to him being reckless on SmackDown. All that’s come out is that there are plenty of people who aren’t happy with his stiffness in the ring, and that he needs to lighten up.

It’s unlikely that any of the wrestlers are complaining about Sheamus’ in-ring style, as most of them — especially his opponent on this past Thursday’s SmackDown, Daniel Bryan — prefer to work a more physical, and hard-hitting match. So, the complaints are likely coming from upper-management.

It’s expected that Sheamus will challenge Daniel Bryan to an Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules, where Sheamus could very well become the new Intercontinental Champion. It seems that WWE’s new goal is to make its secondary championships important, so taking Daniel Bryan’s newly won Intercontinental Title off of him only one month after he won it wouldn’t really further that plan. But, WWE does want to rebuild Sheamus into a top, impactful heel.

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