With ‘Cinderella’ Success, Walt Disney To Do Live-Action ‘Mulan’

Disney was once known for their animated movies, with their main character, Mickey Mouse, beginning as a cartoon. But now, Disney is ready to move on to live-action films, especially with the success of their latest one, Cinderella. So what’s next for Disney? A live-action version of the 1998 Disney classic, Mulan.

According to USA Today, Disney “bought a script by writing team Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek.” The script “centers on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the female warrior who was the main character in Disney’s film.”

Disney already has producers Chris Bender and J.C. Spink signed on to their latest project.

The original animated Mulan that Disney released in the late 90’s “earned $304 million worldwide” and was that “year’s seventh-biggest grosser.”

According to Forbes, “[I]f Disney is really going to continue to raid their vaults for live-action blockbusters, they could hardly have made a better pick than ‘Mulan’.”

So what makes it such a great choice for Disney’s next live-action film? For the same reasons that Cinderella has done so well.

Cinderella, starring Lily James, has been doing very well, pulling in $335 million since its release on March 13.

Because the “story lacked a surplus of fantastical elements,” it made it cheaper and easier to make in regards to special effects. Compared to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which cost approximately $200 million to make, Cinderella “was able to come in for under $100 million.”

Because of the lack of special effects, the movie became more of a “romantic drama and family melodrama.”

According to Forbes, “Mulan has the same advantage.”

“Aside from the talking dragon who operates as a comic relief sidekick in the film’s second and third acts, the film is a straight-ahead war story,” states Forbes.

Because of the focus on the storyline, Forbes is predicting that Disney will have a hit on their hands with their live-action Mulan.

“Walt Disney not only has another well-liked and well-known animated film to adapt, they have a big-scale action movie on their hands as well.”

While there is no date set yet for release, if it’s anything like Disney’s other live-action movies, it’s sure to be a hit.

[Photo Courtesy of Forbes]

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