Bobbi Kristina: Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston’s Driver Details Cocaine Addiction As Nick Gordon ‘Mans Up’ [Video]

When Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown expressed their joy over having a baby girl, the musical legends never dreamed that one day Bobbi Kristina Brown would be found unconscious in circumstances paralleling how her own mother died. But that’s precisely what happened on January 31 when she was found lying face down, unconscious in a bathtub and then rushed to a hospital where she was put into a medically-induced coma in an attempt to reduce brain swelling from lack of oxygen.

Now, as she remains dependent on life support measures after having been moved still unconscious from a hospital’s ICU to a long-term care facility, Bobbi Kristina has become the subject of an investigation into what impact, if any, her beau Nick Gordon had on her condition, according to the VC Post.

In addition to his involvement in Bobbi Kristina’s circumstances, Nick was involved in Whitney Houston’s death because he admitted he provided her with access to heroin. That drug was found in her body.

But Gordon also lived with Whitney’s and Bobby Brown’s daughter and both regularly abused drugs, as the Inquisitr reported.

In addition to drinking heavily, Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon used Xanax, cocaine, and heroin, according to several sources. On the morning prior to being rushed to the hospital, she had been using drugs, say those insiders.

Now Whitney Houston’s driver is stepping forward and painting a new picture, one that shows Bobbi Kristina Brown growing up in an environment where drug use was a daily occurrence and addiction was admitted, reported the Daily Mail.

In his role as Whitney’s chauffeur, Al Bowman watched the 5-year-old turn to her mother as her role model.

“Bobbi always wanted to be just like her mom and now it seems she may have followed in her footsteps. It’s heart-breaking, a real tragedy. This young girl was raised in a world no child should live in.”

For 20 years, Al quietly served as Whitney’s driver, observing her decline as she became more and more dependent on drugs throughout her daughter’s childhood.

Whitney herself admitted to drug use in interviews, as shown below.

When she was only 5-years-old, Bobbi Kristina happily rode in a limo between Whitney and Bobby. With her child cuddling against her, Whitney lifted a crack cocaine pipe and smoked it.

“Baby, calm down, Mommy and Daddy are doing adult things,” said Whitney, according to her driver.

But whether it was that influence early in her life that caused Bobbi Kristina to turn to drugs or the influence of Nick Gordon, who she regarded as her husband, remains unknown. However, TV talk show host and psychologist Dr. Phil sought to extract details from Gordon in an interview that switched to an intervention when he found that the 25-year-old was high, reported E! News.

In his role as Whitney Houston’s unofficially adopted son, Nick expressed his grief over losing her and fear that he would also lose Bobbi Kristina.

“Mom, I lost the most legendary singer ever, and like, I’m scared to lose Krissi,” he said to his birth mother, who attended the intervention.

But Dr. Phil attempted to persuade Gordon to focus on going to rehab.

“You can’t help Bobbi Kristina the way you are,” declared Dr. Phil. “You’ve got to man up.”

Gordon expressed his feelings that he had taken care of Bobbi Kristina and Whitney for years.

“[I’ve been] so strong for so many people for so long, so please don’t tell me to man up,” begged Nick.

“Yes, I will tell you to man up,” retorted Dr. Phil.

Nick subsequently agreed to go to a treatment facility.

But what of Bobbi Kristina’s future?

As the Inquisitr reported, only Bobby Brown legally can make the life support decisions for his daughter. At this point, she remains on a ventilator, feeding tube, and other mechanical measures to support her life as he continues to pray for a medical miracle.

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