Pregnant Anchor Gets Hate Mail For Her ‘Gross’ Body, Viewer Calls Her ‘Hussy’

A pregnant television anchor has been fielding hate mail from viewers telling her to “cover up” her “gross” body and mocking her choices for maternity apparel, but now she’s fighting back.

Kristi Gordon is a meteorologist at Global BC, a news station in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is due to give birth in July, and said she was anxious to share the news with viewers. The pregnant anchor said she already received hate mail while carrying her first child and was ready for more to come in this time.

In a letter on her station’s website, Gordon wrote the following.

“My anxiety was based on the experience of going through my first pregnancy. I thought it would only be a matter of time before the negative emails would start coming in. Last time when I was pregnant and slowly growing, I received emails telling me to ‘cover up’, ‘be more professional’, ‘not wear horizontal stripes’, and how irresponsible I was to be wearing high heels.”

Gordon said many viewers initially shared their good wishes and sent supportive messages, but when her baby bump started to grow, the angry mail came pouring in.

She shared some of the letters, which criticized her choice of clothing.

“I really like you as the weather person BUT why do you have to now wear such tight, tight tops? We all know you are pregnant and if you wear the tops like your 1st child we will not watch anymore. Why don’t you wear nice looser tops, they look much nicer! Hope more people write in and say the same.”

“We are excited, as you must be about your upcoming addition to the family. Wearing tops that cup your baby bump are not very flattering. There are many maternity tops that are flowing and professional looking. Please be more professional.”

The hate mail got worse from there, the pregnant anchor said. One email simply read “Hussy!” and another came from a number of people calling themselves “The Group,” who actually sent a handwritten letter that read as follows.

“Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you. Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and rear end a brick poop (insert swear word here) house. We now turn off Globel (yes, GLOBEL and not Global). Cover up or take time off. The Group”

But the pregnant anchor said the hate mail isn’t going to stop her, and her anchors have also stood behind her.

After Kristi Gordon read some of the hateful emails on the air, her co-anchor Squire Barnes noted, “Haters gonna hate, as some rapper may have said,” before clarifying, “Taylor Swift I think actually said that.”

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