Dallas Cowboys Rumors: The Cowboys Just Cleared Exactly The Cap Space Needed To Trade For Adrian Peterson

Rumors have been flying about the Dallas Cowboys trying to acquire running back Adrian Peterson throughout the entire offseason. It’s been revealed that he isn’t happy with the Minnesota Vikings, but everything else has been nothing but rumors. Well, the Cowboys certainly seem to be preparing to try and get Peterson, as they now have cleared up enough cap space for him.

Before this week began, the Cowboys had one of the least amounts of 2015 salary cap room in the entire NFL. On Wednesday, quarterback Tony Romo had his deal restructured by the Cowboys, and it freed up a lot of money, according to Fox Sports.

Now, while the restructuring of Romo’s deal doesn’t actually cut any of his pay, it does move some money around and opens up the cap for 2015. In all actuality, it opened up about $12.8 million for the coming season.

That’s an interesting figure because Adrian Peterson’s salary from the Vikings for the 2015 season is $12.75 million. If the Cowboys were to acquire Peterson via a trade with Minnesota, they would have to take that cap hit.

Now, they have the money to do it.

Sure, the money the Cowboys now have free could be used elsewhere and there are a number of options.

  • 2015 NFL Draft pick signings
  • Re-signing Rolando McClain and his bonus
  • Newly signed Greg Hardy’s bonus
  • Pursuing other free agents

These all seem like worthwhile options as to what the Dallas Cowboys could do with the extra money, but it does seem strange that the amount freed up was almost exactly what is needed to cover Adrian Peterson’s salary in 2015. Yes, it could be coincidence, but it’s a big one.

Some, such as Tim Cowlishaw, believe that all signs are pointing to Adrian Peterson heading to Dallas. He joined the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, and said just as much.

“I think it’s beyond wishful thinking now. I think it’s a real deal. I think all these signs point to them trying to make this happen if it can. I don’t think you would do all this restructuring and one-year deal on Greg Hardy, which is just a rental, and a one-year deal on Rolando McClain if you’re gonna have Darren McFadden running the ball for you next year in this offense. They’re all in. Now it’s gonna depend on convincing the Vikings and the people with the Vikings who might wanna move on from Peterson.”

The Minnesota Vikings insist that Peterson is going to be a member of the team this season because that is what he is now. They have said that he won’t be released, but they haven’t officially said he won’t be traded.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has touched on the idea of having Adrian Peterson in blue, silver, and white, but barely. For now, he likes the idea but is focusing on players that are currently on the roster.

Oddly enough, the further and further it gets away from Adrian Peterson reasonably being traded from the Minnesota Vikings to the Dallas Cowboys, the more possible it actually seems to become that it will happen. Rumors are flying around still and they just won’t die, but the Cowboys are really making it hard to believe that they aren’t chasing the big-time running back.

[Image via Sports Talk Florida]

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