Marvel’s Civil War Set To Launch On ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

Marvel’s Civil War storyline may be waiting in the wings of their cinematic universe, but it appears the pivotal plot line that will define the current phase of films is likely to launch from the studio’s TV show, Agents of SHIELD.

Fans have eagerly awaited the beginning of Civil War ever since it was announced last year that the third Captain America film would bear the title. An iconic event in the history of Marvel comics that revolved around superhero registration, fans have long speculated that the cinematic universe would incorporate the tale in some fashion, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Though the imminent release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron is sure to reveal the first cinematic stirrings of Civil War, it appears that Agents of SHIELD will be used as a launching point for the event. As Moviepilot reports, the newest episode of the show featured two rival SHIELD organizations, each claiming legitimacy, yet differing in their approach to the question of superhero registration. According to Edward James Olmos, who plays Gonzalez on Agents of SHIELD, it’s no accident that the ideological underpinnings of Civil War are so evident in that conflict.

“When you see ‘Ultron,’ you’ll start to realize how well this show is connected,” he noted.

Of course, the Civil War plot is hardly the first aspect of the Marvel cinematic universe that Agents of SHIELD has been responsible for introducing. Previously, the show has been used to debut a future Avenger, Quake, and also to introduce the Inhumans, who are set to star in an eponymous film in 2018, as Cinema Blend notes. Given the past connections between Agents of SHIELD and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it has become increasingly clear that Marvel intends to use the show as a launch pad for key elements of the cinematic universe.

One further connection between Agents of SHIELD’s most recent episode and Marvel’s cinematic universe has also been suggested. As Gonzalez and his SHIELD aren’t funded by the world council, though they possess their own aircraft, some observers have hypothesized that Tony Stark could be their benefactor. Fans will likely have to wait for Age of Ultron, however, to learn whether Stark, who will no doubt be on the side of registration in Marvel’s cinematic Civil War, really is the man behind the second SHIELD.

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