Bethenny Frankel Upset With Tabloids: Claims Sources Are Trying To Hurt Her

The Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has been mentally preparing herself for the big return to Bravo, and fans are super excited to see what Frankel has been up to since leaving the spotlight behind. Bethenny has been battling through a divorce, and she has been working on her own business behind the scenes.

But it sounds like Bethenny Frankel’s personal life has made it to the public eye. It is no secret that Frankel has been dating another man on-and-off as she has been battling through her divorce from Jason Hoppy. Bethenny has never spoken out about the man, but tabloids quickly identified him as Michael Cerussi. Afterwards, the tabloids went nuts.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she is upset with stories about herself and her former fling, Michael Cerussi. Even though Frankel never admitted to dating him, she was often spotted on vacation with him. When a story surfaced about him, Frankel had to speak out.

“Michael Cerussi is an amazing, kind man, son & friend. Negativity written about him was intentionally placed to hurt him and me,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on Twitter this week, as she was very upset with how Michael had been portrayed in the tabloids

The original story was covered by the Inquisitr. Here, Michael is being labeled as a party boy. He was rumored to have dumped Frankel when she announced her return to the show because he didn’t want his life to be on television. Based on Frankel’s tweet, it sounds like Michael is anything but a party boy. Maybe he just treasures his private life.

As for Bethenny Frankel herself, many fans expected to see her daughter, Bryn, on the show. But like Sonja Morgan, Bethenny has decided to keep Bryn away from Bravo. And it has nothing to do with Jason Hoppy and her “not being allowed” to show her daughter.

“Everyone says it’s because she’s not allowed. Kids with microphones on them, it’s not natural. I’ve chosen this. This season, it’s me, it’s my decision. I’m not bringing anybody into it,” Bethenny Frankel revealed about her daughter being on the show, adding about marriage, “I don’t believe in regret. Would I do anything like that again? No. I do think that fame and money and power can be, for certain people, a very bad thing. And can be the root of all evil. If people haven’t had it and have it and then it’s taken away, they do crazy things.”

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel’s words about Michael Cerussi?

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