‘Machete Kills In Space’ Is Happening: Yes, Danny Trejo Really Is Taking It To New Heights

Machete Kills in Space is actually happening. That trailer which could compete with Sharknado for the most ridiculous concept ever put to film has been confirmed.

Danny Trejo may be the busiest Hispanic actor in Hollywood, but that won’t stop him from starring in what could be a super-violent spoof on Star Wars in 2016. The actor confirmed the film this week in an interview with Halloween Daily News.

“Robert [Rodriguez] and I are going to start to do Machete Kills in Space, so that’s going to be awesome. Absolutely. We’re going to be working on it this year.”

In the same vein as the original Machete, which itself originated as a fake trailer, this next movie started as a mock-up trailer last November called “Machete Kills Again … in Space.” Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Alexa Vega, Lady Gaga, and a Justin Bieber droid, it was a ridiculous send-up of space sci-fi movies, including Star Wars and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Now we can expect the movie, now titled Machete Kills in Space (dropping “again” from the title, probably because it sounded unnecessary), to hit theaters and take on other B-movie cult classics like Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and Zombeavers. Of course, this time the titular star is the good guy.

Cinema Blend says that Michelle Rodriguez will be returning alongside Lady Gaga and Alexa Vega. We can only hope that like the trailer, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber will actually play the roles the mock-up trailer indicated.

It’s doubtful that DiCaprio will agree to it since he seems to be comfortable as at least a costar in more serious major films.

Danny Trejo doesn’t seem to care about whether the third Machete film will be completely necessary either. The first movie actually earned less money at the box office than it took to film it, says Comic Book, and this one seems to be moving ahead for the fans.

Will you be in line to see Machete Kills in Space?

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