Joe Giudice’s Driver’s License Suspended: ‘RHONJ’ Husband Worries About Caring For His Kids

Joe Giudice was in court yesterday to address an issue stemming from his presentation of a fake driver’s license.

Years ago, after his own driver’s license was suspended, Joe Giudice obtained a license in his brother’s name. Months later, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was pulled over and charged with identity fraud after he showed the officer the fraudulent identification card.

In court, a judge suspended Joe Giudice’s driver’s license for two years and ordered him to pay a $10,000 fine. While Joe Giudice’s punishment was expected, it certainly puts him in a tough spot.

With Teresa behind bars in Connecticut, where she is serving a 15-month term for crimes of bank and wire fraud, Joe Giudice has been left to care for his girls alone. This means taking them to and from school and to and from their activities. So, without a driver’s license, it’s going to be hard for Joe Giudice to do much of anything.

“Joe was saying that he didn’t know how his girls were going to get home from school and that he was worried about them,” Tom Murro, an eyewitness at the Passaic County New Jersey courthouse, told Radar Online on April 3.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joe Giudice is said to be in talks for his own reality series or special, which would follow him and his kids as they attempt to adjust to life without Teresa.

On April 2, E! News confirmed news of Joe Giudice’s possible show, noting that the series could begin production in the next few months if he gets Teresa’s seal of approval. While the site claimed Teresa was aware of the discussions, she is reportedly not ready to make a decision until she receives more details about what the show would entail.

In an interview with Extra TV earlier this week, Joe Giudice spoke of his wife’s possible return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and claimed she was staying strong behind bars.

“The numbers would have to be very big in order to go back so um, we’ll see… as of right now there’s nothing.

“When you have four kids you have to stay strong. Her being away definitely makes me appreciate her way more, a lot more, and you know everything she did.”

Joe Giudice is scheduled to turn himself into prison in early 2016, once his wife’s 15-month sentence is complete. Joe Giudice will serve 41 months behind bars.

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