Sean Lowe Defends Catherine’s April Fools’ Day Joke, Couple Not Expecting Baby Together

Sean Lowe came to his wife’s defense after an April Fools’ Day prank made some of their fans upset. The Bachelor star posted a “baby bump” photo on the first of the month and said that she was 17-weeks pregnant. Fans were elated, but then completely let down when they found out it was just a joke. Said joke, however, caused some serious backlash.

According to People Magazine, Lowe said that his wife was just being lighthearted and that she meant nothing negative about her post.

“We understand that many of these people have no ill intent and are genuinely just hoping that we’re pregnant because they want to see us start our family, and we totally get that. But at the same time, it would be really tough for any woman to hear that ‘she looks pregnant’ on a daily basis when she’s not.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the joke was actually made evident when a rep for the couple said that Andy Dick (who became friends with the Lowe’s when Sean was on Dancing with the Stars) was the father of the child. Even still, some people were very upset.

Sean Lowe made his statement after Catherine apologized herself. She posted another picture on Instagram, and responded to some of the negative comments that she received, many of which were from women who have struggled with fertility or know someone who has. Evidently, the pregnancy joke struck a chord for many, as Catherine received “hundreds” of messages.

“About my earlier post, it was intended to be lighthearted and fun and certainly not insensitive. My heart goes out to all the women struggling with fertility,” she wrote.

According to the Wrap, Sean Lowe also said that his wife is “one of the most caring people ever,” and that her pregnancy post had nothing to do with a mockery of pregnancy or anything of the sort.

“If you know anything about Catherine or have followed her for any length of time, then you know that she is one of the most caring, compassionate people you will ever meet. If you are one of those who are struggling with fertility, I promise Catherine’s heart breaks for you.”

The Lowe’s don’t have any children, but the two have said that they want a family together. It is unknown if Catherine and Sean have been trying for a baby, but it seems like they are just enjoying their alone time for now.

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