Caffeine Becomes A Phenomenal Art Medium As Maria A. Aristidou Paints Masterpieces With Coffee [Gallery]

Though not as prominent as the Baroque and Renaissance Eras in art history, conventional art today is taking on a new perspective that is pushing boundaries. The Inquisitr reported on such, primarily on today’s artists who are making a name or have made a name for what they’ve created artistically. This includes Akiane Kramarik, the former child prodigy famous for Prince of Peace, who now lives on Australia’s Gold Coast. And more recently, Mike Dargas was showcased for his uncanny skill of painting hyperrealistic paintings that look like photographs.

Now another artist is starting to garner attention for her unique artistic endeavors. Her name is Maria A. Aristidou and she is creating phenomenal paintings using coffee! You heard that right! Caffeine is her medium.

According to her personal entry on Bored Panda, Maria A. Aristidou utilized her art background, love of commercial art, and love for coffee to inspire her recent project of coffee painting. Apparently, Aristidou’s first illustration came by accident but now she uses her new found love to coffee paint figures and things she loves. As a matter of fact, the reason why Maria A. Aristidou is keeping up with the coffee paintings is because she finds them much more fun and challenging to get the right shape and shade.

Now it should be known that Maria A. Aristidou isn’t artistically exclusive to coffee paintings. She has an array of unique artistic masterpieces within her repertoire. This includes painted macaroons, Starbucks cups and sleeves art, and dye-painting of Easter eggs.

As a matter of fact, the primary reason why Maria A. Aristidou’s coffee paintings is garnering attention now isn’t just because it is her most recent work, but her subjects for said paintings are popular pop culture icons. Such subjects includes Daenerys Targaryen from the Song of Ice and Fire Book Series or Game of Thrones television series, Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, R2D2 and Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, and many more.

ABC News collected many of Maria A. Aristidou’s coffee paintings from her official Instagram for public viewing. Most are attached in the following gallery below. And if you’re interested in her latest coffee paintings, you can check them out as they become available on Maria A. Aristidou’s official Facebook page.

[Featured Image via Facebook, Post Images via Instagram and Facebook]

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