Nancy Sinatra Shoots Down Rumor That Ronan Farrow Is Her Half-Brother

Nancy Sinatra is taking on rumors that Ronan Farrow is actually her half-brother, saying the reports that Frank Sinatra fathered the child with ex-wife Mia Farrow are ridiculous.

There have long been rumors that Frank Sinatra actually fathered Ronan during a fling with Mia more than 20 years after they divorced in 1968. Many have noted that Ronan bears a resemblance to Frank Sinatra, which has fueled the speculation even more.

But Nancy Sinatra is trying to put a stop to the rumors, saying Ronan is not her half-brother.

“Mia’s son? Oh, nonsense,” Nancy, 74, told CBS Sunday Morning.

“He would just laugh it off,” she added of her late father. “We didn’t laugh it off because it was affecting my kids, you know? They were being questioned about it and we all knew it was nonsense.”

Of course, Mia Farrow herself takes much of the blame for fueling the rumors. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2013, she admitted that Frank Sinatra could have been Ronan’s father.

“I asked Nancy Sinatra Jr. about Ronan’s being treated as if he were a member of their family, and she answered in an e-mail, ‘He is a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives.’ She said of Mia, ‘From the early days until now, we have been like sisters. My mother is also very fond of her. We are family and will always be.’

“I asked Mia point-blank if Ronan was the son of Frank Sinatra. ‘Possibly,’ she answered. (No DNA tests have been done.)”

The report went on to note that Ronan attended Frank Sinatra’s funeral in 1998 and has a close relationship with Nancy Sinatra.

Ronan seemed to find a bit of humor in the situation, talking about the rumors in a tweet that referenced Frank’s notorious luck with the ladies.

Though a large part of the rumors were fueled by Mia Farrow herself, Nancy Sinatra didn’t seem too angry with her over the Ronan rumors. She told CBS, “Mia was one of our… like, a sister. We had a good time, [sister] Tina [Sinatra] and Mia and I did.”

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