Rory McIlroy’s Shirtless Pose In ‘Men’s Health’ Marks A Big First For Golf

Rory McIlroy posed shirtless for the new issue of Men’s Health Magazine, and the photos show off the work he has put into his body. His ripped physique is earning some attention for the golfer as he prepares for his next big golf tournament next weekend. This is the first time a golfer has graced the cover of the publication.

According to Sporting News, McIlroy was not the only golfer to pose shirtless for a magazine this month. Lexi Thompson is featured on the cover of Golf Digest Magazine without a shirt. Her cover photo has earned some criticism.

McIlroy was featured on the cover of a special Masters issue of Golf Digest recently, and the cover also received some attention. McIlroy was featured as Michelangelo on the cover. For the cover, he wore just a kilt.

McIlroy did not always have the body he has now. He has worked out a lot over the past few years, and that work has paid off in the past year. Once he started to do well, he wanted to stay on top. For him, that meant getting in the best shape possible.

According to Business Insider, Charles Siebert from the New York Times shared Rory’s workout regimen.

“Since 2010, McIlroy has been working out five times a week, 90 minutes a day, under the close supervision of his British trainer, Dr. Stephen McGregor, a fitness consultant for the Manchester City soccer club and formerly for the New York Knicks.”

Apparently, this workout regimen has not only improved his physique, but it has also improved his golf game. His trainer, Dr. Stephen McGregor, revealed the impact his working out has had on his golf swing.

“Over time the arm speed has quieted down but his clubhead speed has increased and his body efficiency has improved. He can practice more, hit balls more and he has been more consistent. His misses were wide. We needed to tighten that up. As he was going into impact he was going to spray it. As he has gotten more stable so has his swing, and he has been able to add more power and more distance.”

In his interview with Men’s Health Magazine, McIlroy shared an anecdote about a gym experience he had last year. He was working out one day when three NFL players walked into the same gym. Those football players were Tom Brady and brothers Peyton and Eli Manning. He joked that it was time for him to leave once they walked in. However, he then praised the three NFL stars.

“They’re so dedicated and committed to what they do. To see them putting so much into it even after 15 successful years of a career, it was great for me to see. It was inspirational in some ways.”

Next week, McIlroy will go for his green jacket at the Masters. A win at the golf tournament would earn him the career grand slam. The golfer realizes that would put him in an elite group of golfers. If he pulls off a win on April 12, McIlroy will be the sixth golfer to win all four major golf tournaments.

McIlroy spoke about the Masters tournament in a recent interview, according to the Irish Times.

“For me now it’s a career-long goal to win there to achieve something that only a handful of players have ever achieved. There’s something special I can achieve going into Augusta this year. You are a complete player if you can win every major because they are on different golf courses, different tests, different conditions. Not many guys have done it in history so to put my name there would be awesome. It would just be incredible. You feel the sense of what can be achieved but I can’t think about that too much. I just have to think about trying to go out there and playing as best as I can and if I can do that hopefully my scores add up to a shot lower than anyone else’s.”

At the age of 25, Rory McIlroy still has a long career on the golf course ahead of him, but he is ready for his grand slam now. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Rory hit his first professional hole in one in January.

What do you think of Rory McIlroy posing shirtless for Men’s Health Magazine?

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