‘World Of Warcraft’ Upcoming Events Outlined, April To Be Filled With In-Game Activities

April is a busy month for World of Warcraft players all around the world. Developers at Blizzard Entertainment thought it was busy enough to warrant an overview of the many events players can participate in during these four weeks. After all, there are plenty of activities for new and veteran players alike during the month of April in World of Warcraft.

Noblegarden and the Children’s Week celebration are two events that World of Warcraft must take part in during the month of April. These events only show up once a year and during that time, a number of new pets, mounts, and items can be earned. During Noblegarden players collect eggs by finding them in low-level zones. Unfortunately, other players will often snatch the eggs before most get a chance so players must move quickly. After collecting enough eggs, players can purchase a Spring Rabbit battle pet or the Swift Spingstrider mount.

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During Children’s Week, World of Warcraft players guide around orphans wanting to see the sights of Azeroth. A number of battle pets can be earned after showing an orphan around, however, only one can be claimed during the week. Players will have to wait for the next several Children’s Week events to get them all.

Both these annual events reward titles if the required achievements are completed. Those doing certain Noblegarden achievements will earn “the Noble” title. World of Warcraft players that complete a number of Children’s Week achievements can go by either “Patron” or “Matron” depending on the character’s gender.

Although a few of the events this month are ones that occur monthly, players should still enjoy the opportunity to earn more rewards and or work on saving up event currency for the next time the event rolls around. The Darkmoon Faire and the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza are examples of two such monthly World of Warcraft events that will also occur in April.

Players can pick up new pets, new mounts, heirloom items, and much more from the Darkmoon Faire. Each month, players travel to the Faire’s portal located outside of Stormwind and Thunder Bluff. After being moved to the Darkmoon Island, Alliance and Horde members of World of Warcraft can play carnival games to earn tickets for fabulous prizes. Players that earn enough tickets can purchase exclusive Faire items like the Darkmoon Dancing Bear mount or the Darkmoon Cub battle pet.

World of Warcraft – Activision/Blizzard

The other monthly event, the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, pits players against each other in a quick fishing content. The victor, the first to bring back 40 Speckled Tastyfish, is rewarded with a number of fishing supplies and an heirloom ring that increases experience gain by five percent.

Noblegarden runs from April 6 through April 13 while the Darkmoon Faire simultaneously goes on from April 5 through April 12. Children’s Week starts at the end of April, specifically April 27 and runs through May 4. The fishing event occurs every Sunday.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Blizzard also recently provided further information on the new Token system that is expected to come in the weeks following the next patch for World of Warcraft. The WoW Tokens will allow players to trade subscription time in exchange for in-game gold.

What are you working toward this month in World of Warcraft?

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