Sailor 66 Days: Coast Guard Rescues Sailor Missing For 66 Days

A sailor missing for 66 days was rescued by the coast guard off the coast of North Carolina on Thursday. According to ABC News, Louis Jordan, 37, went missing over two months ago. A passing vessel saw Jordan sitting on the hull of his overturned boat, and took him on board about 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras.

Once the coast guard was notified, a helicopter was sent out to transport the sailor to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk where he was treated for a shoulder injury. It is unknown how he got that injury, or if he has since been treated for anything else (dehydration is presumed).

According to Slate, the sailor survived by eating raw fish and drinking rainwater. The coast guard did not say how the man’s boat capsized, but there is an investigation pending. It does sound like this was just an accident, and nothing more.

The sailor who was missing for 66 days is certainly lucky to be alive. According to WTKR, his current condition is unknown. His family is more than happy to hear that he was found alive, and it sounds like he is going to be okay, which is, perhaps, the best news of all.

“His family is driving up to Norfolk right now and excited to see him again,” Coast Guard Lt. Krystyn Pecora said.

There have been a few instances where sailors or fisherman have been stranded after unforeseeable things happen on the open water. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an unexpected encounter with a great white shark left an Australian fisherman overboard. While it is not believed that Jordan had any encounters with a sea creature of any kind, it is always a possibility. A whale, for instance, could have easily capsized the man’s boat. A rogue wave may have been the culprit in this case too.

Regardless of what happened, many are relieved to hear that Mr. Jordan is okay. As you can see in the photos above, he was feeling well enough to actually walk into the hospital himself. Being stranded for over two months is no joke, but it sounds like Jordan knew some basics to keep himself alive, and in decent shape. Once he gets some fluids, and is cleared by doctors, he will be permitted to go home.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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