Patrick Wilson Has Van Halen Cover Band

Comic book nerds know actor Patrick Wilson from “The Watchmen”, Broadway heads know him from the revival of Barefoot in the Park, but music fans, specifically rock fans might know Patrick Wilson from his Van Halen cover band!

The actor founded the band with his siblings a few years ago after his older siblings introduced Van Halen’s music to him decades ago. The actor had this to say about the band. “You’re defined by your older brothers or sisters’ music.”

The band appropriately titled Van Wilson play at venues whenever they can, with Patrick doing the lead vocals and playing the drums, and his brothers Mark and Paul filling out the rest. He’s such a big fan of the band that his “A Gifted Man” character’s surgerical cap is made out of his old Van Halen t-shirt.

Patrick Wilson had more to say about how it feels like to play live with his siblings. “We open it up to do a couple of originals, Journey stuff, Bon Jovi and even a little bit of country. There’s no ego involved and it feels very natural. It’s just one of the greatest feelings, being able to play with your brothers.”

As far as his day job, when he isn’t a doctor on “A Gifted Man”, he’s acting in films, and up next is the Sci Fi film, Prometheus, about a pair of explorers who band together to find the origins of mankind on earth. The film also stars Nooni Rapace, Charlize Theron, and Michael Fassbender.

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