WWE News: Chris Jericho Rants On Hecklers At WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony, Threatens To Slap Them In The Face

Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho went on a passionate rant on this week’s edition of Talk is Jericho, and called out the heckling fans at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. If you were following Jericho on Twitter during the ceremony, you know that he was getting agitated at some of the fans in the building, but, nobody knew just how angry it made Jericho until they listened to yesterday’s podcast.

During Jericho’s rant, he said that the fans have no right to shout things out at the WWE Hall of Fame, and that if he ever gets inducted and someone starts heckling him, he’ll walk to their seat and slap them in the face. You can check out the entire rant below.

“What really got me, is watching the Hall of Fame ceremony. When I’m watching this, some of the guys are getting catcalled, and some of the guys are getting the ‘WHAT?!’ chant, and that really made me mad. As a matter of fact I went on Twitter and I said ‘f-off to all of the a-holes that think it’s cool to go and do the what chant. You don’t deserve to be there.’ There were people who were actually standing up for those guys saying ‘listen, we paid our money, we pay your salary, we can do whatever we want.’ And I say absolutely not.

“You do not have the right to say and do what you want at a Hall of Fame ceremony because it’s a prestigious ceremony. It’s a respectful ceremony. Don’t tell me that I’m not right about this, because I don’t care. If you don’t believe it, you do not deserve to go to the Hall of Fame because people have died for this business, my friends have died in this business. Blood, sweat, tears, wheelchairs, paralyzed for life, mental issues, head trauma. Don’t tell me that every single person who is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is not worthy.

“If you think you can go on a tangent about this, and have any point — not with me you don’t. I’ll tell you this, and I’m not joking, if the day comes where I get inducted into the Hall of Fame, and some son-of-a-b**ch is trying to steal the show, and trying to steal my thunder, I will walk to your seat, and I will slap you in your face.”

WWE loves to tell its fans that if they pay their money to go to a show, they have the right to say and do whatever they want. However, most people do agree with Jericho, and think that the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is the one exception to that rule. Jericho compared the Hall of Fame ceremony to a Broadway play, and said that if you heckled there you’d get thrown out, so the same thing should happen at the WWE Hall of Fame.

There has been an argument made in the past of WWE not allowing fans to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony, where the only people that are allowed to be in attendance are the people who have been, or are involved in the business. That way, you’d eliminate the catcalling and disrespectful chants. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim, as WWE likes to make it an event, and capitalize on the nostalgia-seeking fans.

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