WWE News: Samoa Joe All But Confirmed To Sign With WWE – When Will He Debut? – WWE Interested In Another Ring Of Honor Talent

It’s no big secret that WWE is interested in Samoa Joe now that he is away from TNA Impact Wrestling and on a date-to-date basis with Ring of Honor. Now, the big questions are when will Samoa Joe debut and will he have to start out in NXT? Also, WWE is now said to be interested in another big talent as they continue to raid the Ring of Honor roster.

According to Wrestling Observer, it is pretty much a lock that Samoa Joe is going to WWE and even to the point of them saying “it’s going to happen.” The situation at hand is a delicate one because Joe is 35-years-old, and many wonder if he will still end up in NXT before WWE’s main roster.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the big name talent starting in NXT is around that age.

  • Finn Balor – 33
  • Kevin Owens – 30
  • Sami Zayn – 30
  • Hideo Itami – 34

Samoa Joe could learn a lot about WWE’s style in-ring, on the mic, and how production is done from NXT. He probably wouldn’t spend a lot of time there, but he may end up finding it beneficial, and he appears open to starting there or right in WWE.

As for when Samoa Joe will begin with WWE, PW Mania reported that over WrestleMania 31 weekend, he said he would like to have a match with Brock Lesnar. Jim Ross said during his one-man show that he sees Joe in a major match at WrestleMania 32.

With no dates scheduled for Ring of Honor, there is a very good chance that Samoa Joe could be starting with WWE very soon. Triple H wants to get him in the ring, and even if he goes through NXT, getting Joe in the door now could bring him up to the main roster soon and start a program for SummerSlam in August.

WWE has a lot of former Ring of Honor talent on their main roster and in NXT, but they want more. WrestleZone is reporting that there is a lot of interest from the company in signing ACH as soon as his Ring of Honor contract is up.

ach ring of honor wwe

Add that to the fact that Jimmy Jacobs now is done with Ring of Honor and will be moving to Connecticut for a job with WWE. It was originally thought that Jacobs would be moving to Florida to be an NXT writer, but it now appears he will be writing for both Raw and SmackDown instead.

Many former Ring of Honor superstars have made big names for themselves in WWE. Actually, there are four on the NXT or WWE rosters with titles around their waists right now.

  • Seth Rollins – current WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Former ROH World Champion
  • Daniel Bryan – current WWE Intercontinental Champion: Former ROH World Champion
  • Cesaro – current WWE Tag Champion Former ROH Tag-Team Champion with Chris Hero (former NXT talent)
  • Kevin Owens – current NXT World Champion: Former ROH World Champion

There are many others in WWE or NXT that were huge parts of Ring of Honor which means ACH and Samoa Joe could be as well. They won’t be just another name as it’s obvious that WWE knows talent when they see it, and Ring of Honor has certainly got talent.

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