Amazon Kindle Fire And Fire Phone Are Going To Get Unlocked

Amazon Kindle Fire of today is much more than what it was when it just started out – a device on which to keep and read books. Although Fire Phone turned out to be a commercial failure and Google keeps guarding its position in the app market, Amazon doesn’t lose hope to promote both its unsuccessful smartphone and a much more successful Amazon Kindle Fire as devices that would give both Google and Apple a run for their money.

A new innovative step in this direction is going to be the program with the vague-sounding name “Unlocked” – this program will allow clients to download premium-level apps and add-ons for a single flat fee. It is going to be something akin to Amazon’s Prime instant video service – but for apps.

According to TeleCrunch, the program is already in a rather late stage of development.

App developers whose apps are highlighted in the deck include biggies like Sega America, whose Sonic Dash game features prominently in the presentation, as well as notable independents like UsTwo, whose Monument Valley game is also flagged as an “Unlocked” app.

It is, however, too early to contemplate when this program is going to be released and what will be the full list of participating apps – both Amazon and app developers who are mentioned in the leaked presentations refuse to give any additional comments.

It seems that Amazon does everything to keep its flagship devices on top – only recently the Inquisitr reported about a fascinating new app for Kindle Fire that is capable of recognizing music and video in addition to doing a dozen other things.

The report explained, “So, how does Firefly actually work? Tapping the application from the Kindle’s home screen brings you to a page full of shimmering stars that looks like it should adorn a child’s lullaby music player. Simply choose from either the note or TV icon at the top to tell Firefly that it should listen for a song or TV show, respectively. Firefly even gives you a friendly notification about when you’ve paused the camera.”

Although its first foray into the smartphone market ended in a flop, Amazon doesn’t lose heart and creates new reasons for potential clients to at least consider buying their devices – and this new “Unlocked” feature is likely to attract many people who currently spend large amounts of money on paid apps to Amazon Kindle Fire.

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