Netflix Says No Thanks To Blackberry OS, Also Not Supporting PlayBook

The executives at Netflix have spoken and on Thursday they officially announced that the company has no plans in the near future to offer support for the Blackberry OS or Blackberry PlayBook OS options.

News of the company’s decision comes just as Research in Motion rolls out PlayBook 2.0.

While Android apps can be ported over to the Blackberry OS rather easily the company appears unwilling at this time to even consider the possibility of creating that ported Android application for RIM devices.

In a tweet regarding the company’s plans Netflix write:

“We don’t have any current plans to support BlackBerry devices, including PlayBook,”

With more than 24 million U.S. subscribers currently taking advantage of the Netflix system it’s a small blow for Blackberry and potentially a larger blow when considering that the company has been attempting to align itself as a more “consumer friendly” business in place of it’s faltering corporate business.

The announcement also arrives at a time when Netflix has crossed over into Latin American and RIM’s own territory in Canada.

Do you think Research in Motion needs to secure deals with Netflix and other media platforms in order to attract the attention of everyday consumers looking for all inclusive mobile products?

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