Shut Up And Take My Money! Steam-Powered Gaming Console From ThinkGeek Is A Steampunk’s Dream

Have you spent hours trying to figure out what to do with all that extra coal you’ve got lying around? Well, worry no more. In the popular tradition of internet April Fools’ Day pranks, ThinkGeek has come up with the ultimate accessory to accent even the most hardcore of steampunk man-caves — a steam-powered gaming console.

The Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet is the gaming console we’ve all been waiting for. No need to use pesky, new-fangled electricity, or remember to keep your wireless controller batteries charged. To get this console running, all you’ve got to do is shovel in some anthracite coal (not included, of course), stoke the fire, and get to gaming. If you’ve got an alternate source of power for your television and the internet, ThinkGeek promises “the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet will keep you gaming even if the electricity goes out! Talk about gaming off the grid.”

“The Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet is a Video game console that is literally a steam machine. That is, it is steam powered! Using a patent-pending miniature boiler mechanism, a stationary steam engine produces all the electricity you need to play your games. Of course you’ll need to keep a close eye on the boiler pressure, stoke the fire, grease all internal lubrication points, and properly rectify the output voltage, but isn’t the enjoyment you’ll receive worth it? Included is one wired Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet controller – itself a work of steampunk art. With many tweaks and lights and valves, the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet is the Steam Machine to rule them all.”

The gaming console comes with SteamOS already installed, though ThinkGeek says it can also be configured to run Linux and other operating systems. For the low, low price of $399.99, you’ll also get one wired controller with such amazing features as “ball-jointed thumb-sticks and typewriter-feel keys.”

Steam Punk Gaming Console

Some of the product specifications include the ability to access your game library, play with your friends, and “invite the 125 million user Steam community into your rigid airship’s electronic diversion parlor.” The gaming console also features multiple panels that open so you can access all main controls and adjustment knobs, a boiler viewing window, and thermometer “to make sure your fire is burning at the best temperature,” and a side chute that opens for the easy addition of extra coal when your console looks like it’s running low.

What more could you possibly ask for?

While the steam-powered gaming console is just an April Fools’ Day prank right now, ThinkGeek has a habit of making some of their prank products a reality, so we can dream.

[Image Credits: ThinkGeek]

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