Woman Hit By Yellow Taxi Now Has Severe Phobia Of All Things Yellow

A 51-year-old woman who was hit by a yellow Hackney taxi and suffered a broken hip also developed a curious fear of all things yellow following the accident. Lorraine Cobourn from Oakwood in the UK, can’t even face a banana since the accident as the yellowness suddenly scares her.

Ms Cobourn spoke to reporters about her new phobia of yellow, explaining how her life has been changed.

“It sounds crazy I know, but I can’t even touch bananas unless they’re wrapped in cellophane – and I only ever buy green ones. I can’t look at yellow number plates either. And If something yellow comes into the corner of my eye when I am watching TV I have to switch channels. I also gasp or sigh if I see a yellow taxi when I am out. I’m terrified of them, and if I saw a yellow taxi on the street I would feel this urge just to drive into it.”

Since the accident, life for Ms Cobourn has become weird as well as painful, and she has no idea where her new-found phobia comes from, “Obviously It didn’t but it felt like there was something in my brain that needed to be released. It’s very difficult but I try to have yellow flowers in my house to try and cure this fear,” she said.

Cobourn was struck ten months ago by a yellow taxi in the city centre as she was crossing a road. Making matters even worse, while she lay on the ground in agony, the driver took off. “I looked up and the next thing I knew I was on the road. I couldn’t feel anything from my waist down, I thought I had broken both my legs. The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before – it was absolutely agonising,” she recalled.

Ian Whittaker, a lawyer from the firm of Irwin Mitchell, described his client’s ordeal to reporters.

“This case is a terrible example of the life-changing consequences that road traffic collisions can have on those involved. Not only did Mrs Cobourn need major hip surgery and require adaptations to her home, but she has suffered financial worries due to being unable to work and continues to receive counselling support as she works to come to terms with the psychological effects of the incident.”

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