Amanda Seyfried: ‘Lovelace’ Will Change Public’s Perception of Adult Film Star

Linda Lovelace may be best known for starring in the 1970s porno movie “Deep Throat,” but Amanda Seyfried, who plays the porn star in an upcoming movie, says that there’s a lot more to Lovelace than her adult film career.

Seyfried said that she didn’t know much about Lovelace when she first signed on to play her in the upcoming biopic and that she was shocked to learn the back story behind the porn icon. Seyfried said:

“She was forced into everything! She was forced into pornography. ‘Deep Throat’ for her was really just an escape from her husband. There’s so much about her that no one knows. Unless you read her autobiography, you wouldn’t know. So we’re turning the tables on what the public thinks – on what their idea of her is – and it’s gonna be interesting.”

Despite playing a porn star in “Lovelace,” Seyfried said that the nude scenes were very tastefully done. Seyfreid told Mirror:

“Nudity is nothing to me. When it’s done well, people don’t notice the nudity… There is no full frontal nudity. Nothing is shown down below, for personal reasons. I want to save something for my husband.

Seyfried told NZ City that this will be the first time that she will take on a role that is based on a real person. Seyfried said:

“It’s completely different. I’ve never played a person who’s actually existed, and that can be really tough – trying to capture someone’s essence like that, and validate their story, and tell it in the way they would want you to tell it. It was such a whirlwind but the most rewarding experience of my life, for sure.”

Seyfried, which also stars James Franco as Hugh Hefner and Sarah Jessica Parker as Gloria Steinem, doesn’t have a release date yet. But if you want to see Seyfried on the big screen you can check out her latest movie, “Gone,” which opened today.

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