‘Deadpool’ Movie Rating: Ryan Reynolds Explains Why It’s PG-13… Or Does He?

The Deadpool movie rating has been the source of controversy ever since the character appeared in Wolverine’s first solo outing. Fans might argue that it wasn’t really the “merc with the mouth” in that film, considering he couldn’t speak with his mouth surgically sewn shut.

This topic was approached in a recent video where Mario Lopez talks to Ryan Reynolds about the upcoming film.

Fans of Deadpool know that what we saw the first time was an insult to the character, though probably unintentional. Thanks to X-Men: Days of Future Past erasing most of the timeline after the original X-Men, it appears we’ll be seeing a very different version of the anti-hero.

According to the test footage that was leaked last year, we might actually see the character from the comics in a way that fans will enjoy and appreciate.

Ryan Reynolds told Mario Lopez that the reason for the Deadpool movie rating was to keep the upcoming adaptation family friendly, and then things turned a little weird. He said that the character we’re getting next time is a very different one, seconds before the character shows up walking behind the host. Reynolds explained that Deadpool is unique in that he’s a little more morally flexible.

Family friendly might not be how the upcoming movie ends up since, in the comics, the action gets downright violent. The language is only kept PG-13 because of Marvel Comics still needing to keep it safe for younger audiences.

After the question about the rating, we find Deadpool carrying something large behind Lopez just before smacking him with it and uttering the F-word. Then as the movie logo appears on the screen, we find out the rating was all an April Fools prank and the movie will indeed be rated R.

Deadpool holds up a sketch, notifying us that Mario Lopez is dead as he says, “It’s okay Jesse, Slater can’t hurt you anymore.”

Were you fooled by the possibility that the Deadpool movie rating would actually be PG-13 to keep it family friendly?

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