Tattoos Are Meaningful For Lewis Hamilton And He Explains Why

People get body art for all sorts of reasons, and Lewis Hamilton is a man with many tattoos. The Formula 1 racing star recently posted for Men’s Health magazine, showing off his “meaningful” tattoos on his body. While talking about his racing and the upcoming fixtures this season, he opened up about the reasons behind his tattoos.

British newspaper The Daily Mail reports that Hamilton is not ashamed of his body art. In fact, he loves his ink, because everything has meaning to him. The two-time Formula 1 champion explained that he wanted religious images because his faith is so strong. One of his images is of Michelangelo’s sculpture Pieta, which is the one of Jesus being held by Mary when he was removed from the cross.

Family is also important to Lewis, which is why the word “family” is written on his shoulder. “Faith” is another one, which links to Lewis’ previous explanation. Another important and meaningful tattoo is one on his back of a cross with angel wings.

The Men’s Health issue will be released today in the UK, and it is not just about his tattoos. Lewis Hamilton also shared the secrets about the importance of a training regime. Despite sitting in a car, it is important to be fit and healthy. This is something that many fans forget about when they are watching the high-speed races.

The Daily Mirror reports that the interview goes into the weight that Hamilton had to lose last year. He was six kilos overweight for his car, and so had to adopt a difficult training regime to lose the weight… but not too much of it. He said that it was hardcore and took a lot of training, but it was worth it to be the right weight for the Mercedes car. During the race, the heart rate is between 150 and 160 beats per minute, so it is understandable why health and fitness are so important.

Lewis is currently gearing up for his upcoming races, where he will compete with and against teammate Nico Rosberg. While the two are teammates and work together to get points on the board for Mercedes, they also have to compete together to be the top-scoring driver. Hopefully, the team sorts out its tactics a little better for next week’s race in China. The tactics were not quite right in Malaysia, leading to Sebastian Vettel taking the top spot, with Lewis Hamilton and his teammate taking the other two podium places.

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