WWE ‘SmackDown’ Spoilers For April 2

WWE SmackDown airs tomorrow night and was taped last night in Fresno, California. So, if you cannot wait to see the show tomorrow night, you can satisfy your impatience by taking a look at the spoilers below.

The show opened up with Seth Rollins and The Authority in the ring. Randy Orton — who defeated Rollins at WrestleMania — interrupted and demanded a WWE Championship match, and instead of getting it, Kane booked him against Big Show.

Orton defeated Big Show via disqualification after The Authority ran in and beat down Orton. Ryback then came out to make the save and chased off The Authority.

Naomi defeated Natalya while the Bella Twins did the commentary. It appears that Naomi will be the next challenger for Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship.

Kane and Seth Rollins were talking backstage, and Kane told Rollins that he would be defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose then interrupted, and Kane booked him against Luke Harper.

Roman Reigns was interviewed by Byron Saxton. He said that he beat Seth Rollins once, and he’ll beat him again. Not much to the interview.

The Miz defeated R-Truth. Damien Mizdow ran in after the match and hit a Skull Crushing Finale on The Miz. The crowd reportedly popped huge for Mizdow.

John Cena came out for a promo. He said that he intends to defend his newly won United States Championship in an open challenge every week. Rusev then interrupted Cena and said that he wants to face Cena at Extreme Rules. Cena didn’t want to wait until Extreme Rules, and he challenged Rusev to a match right then. Rusev said no. Instead of the Russian flag dropping from the ceiling, the American flag dropped, which got a huge ovation.

Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose never ended up happening because Harper beat Ambrose down and powerbombed him through the announce table.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan via count out with Bad News Barrett on commentary. The crowd once again chanted “YOU LOOK STUPID!” at Sheamus, and once again, he ate it up. Bryan was counted out because Barrett him hit with the Bull Hammer while the referee was distracted. It’s expected that Bryan will defend his Intercontinental Championship in a fatal-four-way match against Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus at Extreme Rules.

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