Brandi Glanville Claims Lisa Vanderpump And Kyle Richards Don’t Like One Another But Use One Another

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards put on an united front on part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, which aired on Tuesday night, but according to their common enemy, Brandi Glanville, they don’t even like one another. In her latest blog post, Brandi said that Lisa and Kyle simply use one another for their own cause.

Brandi wrote that Lisa and Kyle ganged up on her at the reunion. Brandi found this odd since she believes that they don’t have a genuine friendship. Brandi also made clear that her opinion of Kyle is lower than the one she has of Lisa.

“What’s odd is that Lisa V. and Kyle obviously don’t like each other and have nothing in common. Lisa V. is quick and smart. Kyle is slow and not smart. They use each other, backstab each other, and mock each other every chance they get. However, they do like to get together and pretend to be ‘classy’ ladies, boast about money, and plot together. So actually, Lisa V. and Kyle may be perfect for each other.”

Brandi also reiterated her claim, which she made at the reunion, that it was Kyle who told her that Lisa had an affair with her trainer and had once filed for bankruptcy. At the reunion, when Brandi made this claim, Kyle yelled back in anger while Lisa, instead of questioning Kyle, continued talking about how bad Brandi is.

“Kyle DID backstab Lisa V. and Ken Todd last year. She ABSOLUTELY told me Lisa V. had an affair and had filed a bankruptcy. I was simply used to deliver the message…on TV. My fault. I was manipulated and let myself be used.”

In February 2014, after Brandi said for the first time, on her podcast radio show, that Lisa used to live in Calabasas and filed for bankruptcy, Brandi clarified to E! News that she was just repeating what Kyle told her.

“The one thing I do want to clear up is that I don’t know if Lisa and Ken lived in Calabasas and filed for bankruptcy. Kyle Richards told me, I looked it up and on this site where you pay $9.99 it said yes, they lived off Mulholland drive in Calabasas…How do I know if they filed for bankruptcy? Kyle Richards said Ken and Lisa were going to file for bankruptcy…It’s something I repeated, but if they say it’s not true, it’s probably not true. I don’t know it for a fact. It’s something Kyle told me and I repeated it. I just don’t understand why Ken and Lisa care so much.”

In response, Kyle posted a lengthy denial.

“Brandi must have misunderstood an innocuous conversation we had in which we discussed the fact that Ken himself had made a speech at a party in their home where he said that he and Lisa had owned businesses and properties in Calabasas and discussed the source of their journey…The other claim did not come up in this conversation and is not something I have heard. For all the issues that Lisa and I continue to work through, I have tremendous respect for the hard work and success they have achieved in their life together.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show aired, both Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump hit back at Brandi Glanville on social media for the comments she made about them during the reunion.

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