Paris Hilton Says She Helped Inspire Kim Kardashian’s Career

Paris Hilton revealed her thoughts about her old BFF Kim Kardashian. The socialite and DJ sat down for an interview with Joe Zee for his latest episode of Style Session. Kim was an up and coming socialite in the scene thanks to her friendship with Paris back in the early 2000’s, as noted by E! News. That was also the time that Kim became Paris’ assistant and stylist.

When asked what influence she had over the Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star, the 34-year-old revealed that she’s glad that she helped inspire Kim’s career. Joe Zee asked Hilton, “Do you think your career is what paved the way for her? The Kardashians would not exist today if Paris Hilton didn’t exist.”

“We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends, it’s nice to inspire people. I am really proud of her and what she’s done. I saw her a few weeks ago in New York.”

Perez Hilton thinks that Hilton threw Kardashian some “shade” towards her way. The blogger thinks that she gave her former best friend a backhanded compliment. Hilton and Kardashian reportedly had a falling out after going through some drama in the media, but the two have since reconnected and made amends.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian make amends. (Credit: Instagram)
Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian make amends. (Credit: Instagram)

Paris even revealed that she spent time with Kim a few weeks ago in New York City. The two reality stars talked about Kim’s relationship with husband Kanye West. Paris gushed, “They’re so cute together, they’re the perfect couple.”

Hilton even talked about Kardashian’s daughter, North West. “She’s so cute. [Kim’s] always wanted to have a family so I’m really happy for her.”

But what about Paris Hilton? Is the hotel heiress ready for marriage and a baby? She told Joe Zee that she’s not having as much luck in the dating department. Paris did admit that she’s open to the possibility of falling in love one day, as long as she still has her career. “I would love to just fall in love and have a family and enjoy everything that I’ve accomplished.”

Hilton has a lot to feel accomplished about. In fact, she’s one of the top five highest-paid DJs, according to a previous report on the Inquisitr. Hilton also generated $2 billion in revenue from her 18 perfumes. That doesn’t even include her business, Paris Hilton Entertainment, or her 56 eponymous stores in the Middle East. Hilton says that she’s way more than just a “dumb rich girl” that everyone assumes she is. She reportedly earns $30,000 an hour to DJ, but she doesn’t like talking about how much money she makes.

“I’m Paris Hilton, people assume, ‘Oh, she’s just this rich girl.’ They don’t understand that I’ve actually been going to raves since I was 15 years old. I love music. I love entertaining people. I love partying. I love having a good time and having people around me have a great time.”

Even though Hilton enjoys having a good time, she’s finally over the club scene. Another E! News report revealed that she’s bored of partying all the time.

“I like to see girls looking hot and having fun—that’s what life’s about, but I’m kinda over the whole scene. I used to love going out all the time but now it’s only for DJ’ing and getting paid.”

Paris says that she doesn’t club much these days since she works so much. Thanks to her new found DJ’ing career, “Thursday is the cool night, and I have to get up and work.”

What are your thoughts on Paris Hilton saying she helped inspired Kim Kardashian’s career? Do you agree with her?

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