Katy Perry Chopped Off Her Hair, Said She Asked Hairdresser For The ‘Kris Jenner’

Katy Perry chopped off her hair, though there’s quite a bit of doubt on whether the Kris Jenner-inspired do is for real.

The “Firework” singer showed off her chopped style on Instagram, saying that she asked the hair stylist “for the Kris Jenner.”

But if Katy Perry really chopped her hair, she may have picked the wrong day to reveal it. Katy made the post on April 1, leaving many to believe that the drastic change is really just an April Fool’s Day joke.

Katy has been stirring plenty of attention up lately. This week the 30-year-old sparked speculation that she is pregnant by posting on Instagram a picture of herself wearing a necklace that said “Mom” on it.

Katy revealed a bit about where the sentiment comes from, however. She attended the premiere of her concert movie, Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour, saying she has an almost maternal connection with her fans.

“We treat each other pretty equally and I’m their mom. I’m their mom!!! I have a lot of kids.”

Perry added that she loves how passionate her fans can be.

“They’re not crazy! Listen, the fandoms are fabulous and they are different in their own way, but I believe that with my audience and the people that have thoroughly enjoyed my music over the years, we have a very intimate, genuine, authentic connection. I think that’s what has kept us connected throughout all this time because I remember them, they remember me.”

But some of the reports that Katy Perry was pregnant ended up decidedly false. This week OK! Magazine printed a retraction for a story that claimed the singer was pregnant:

“In the March 2, 2015 print edition of OK! Magazine, we wrongly stated that Katy Perry was pregnant, and that she was planning a wedding. We acknowledge that Ms. Perry is not pregnant, and she is not planning a wedding. We regret the mistake and sincerely apologize to Ms. Perry for publishing the error. We also apologize for including paparazzi photos of Ms. Perry that had been taken with a long lens while she was having a private function at her home.”

While the pregnancy rumors may be full of hot air, there is a good chance that Katy Perry may have chopped her hair for real. Though the timing of announcing it on April 1 may be suspect, Katy is pretty well known for changing her hair style and color as she sees fit.

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