‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ PS4 File Size Is Bigger Than ‘GTA 5’

The Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 file size is going to be huge, making it literally the biggest game this year (so far). Rocksteady is set to take the concept of an open world title to a new level, competing with the current record holder Grand Theft Auto V.

The game was sighted on PSN with the new official Batman: Arkham Knight release date of June 23, and a file size which will take up nearly a tenth of either current generation console’s stock hard drive space. This is a good indication that when the PS4 bundle launches, you will probably need to wait at least 24 hours with an average internet connection before even being able to play the game. Downloading it could take a week on a lower bandwidth connection, and is not recommended for those of us with limited data plans.

'Batman: Arkham Knight' PS4 file size revealed in PSN screenshot
‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ PS4 file size bigger than ‘GTA 5’ revealed in PSN screenshot.

At 48.7 GB of required space, the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 file size is the biggest open world game yet. Compare this with the massive GTA 5 file size of 41 GB and you have one ambitious superhero title. While Grand Theft Auto 5 came with an added online version, it was still originally created for the previous generation and remastered like The Last of Us for the latest consoles. Arkham Knight was made specifically for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, so this could explain the higher file size.

With such a whopping hard drive footprint, gamers will be expecting some fantastic detail in every inch of the game. GTA 5 has a rather heavy attention to detail and takes over 700 MB less space on your hard drive.

This would be a good time for Nyko to finally release their Data Bank PS4 hard drive extension, with bigger titles starting to hit the market. Even USB 3.0 external hard drive support could help, if Sony ever enables the option.

Will you be able to handle the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 file size this June 23, or will you need to delete a game or three to make room?

[Images via All Games Beta, Gear Nuke / PSN]

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