New ‘Back To The Future’ Movie? Teaser Trailer Leaked Online

A new Back to the Future movie? Really?

It’s been nearly 25 years since Back to the Future 3 traveled into theaters for the first time on May 25, 1990.

That means long-time Back to the Future fans and critics have been yearning for 25 years for a brand new adventure featuring Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the iconic DeLorean time machine.

Therefore, when a teaser trailer for the brand new Back to the Future movie was released on Wednesday, it did not take very long to make headlines and go viral.

The introduction of the teaser trailer starts off showing a glimpse of the fiery trails that the DeLorean famously made in the ground whenever it got up to 88 mph on the road and traveled through time.

The dramatic voice-over narration is very intense as well and makes it seem as if a brand new Back to the Future adventure is right around the corner.

Right when you find yourself getting overly excited — wondering whether actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will be reprising their roles or not — another familiar face pops up on the screen. It’s not the face of any actor (or actress) from the Back to the Future cast list.

However, it is the face of an actor from another blockbuster movie franchise involving high-speed sports cars.

That’s right — Vin Diesel! Racing throughout the city in a DeLorean, a clip of Vin Diesel is shown racing behind the steering wheel.

“Just like old times.”

Once the title of this “sequel” pops up on the screen (Fast to the Future), the truth settles in like a ton of bricks falling on a cartoon character.

The “new” Back to the Future movie was just another prank for April Fool’s Day. However, the #FastToTheFuture hashtag presented at the end of the trailer has definitely caught a lot of attention on Twitter.

Even though it’s not real, this spoof trailer is still something that can be enjoyed by fans of the Fast and the Furious movies as well as Back to the Future fans for many years to come.

[Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]

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