Claudia Jordan Talks Emotional Connection With Phaedra: Viewers Are Furious

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan may be somewhat new to the show, but it sounds like she doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her thoughts and feelings with the ladies. Because Jordan is so outspoken in some regards, fans have not necessarily warmed up to her. This is in part due to her outburst in a fight with NeNe Leakes during a dinner in Puerto Rico.

Claudia Jordan decided to open up a little to Phaedra Parks in hopes of making a connection with her. Since Parks and NeNe have been close during Apollo Nida’s sentencing drama, Parks may have sided with NeNe during the dinner fight. So when Jordan decided to talk divorce with Parks, she may have had a wall up.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is now revealing just how well she felt the conversation with Parks went, especially since it was such an emotional topic. Even though Jordan was originally shut down in the conversation, Parks eventually opened up a bit.

“I felt that even though she wasn’t quite ready to share too much personal information specifically about her break up, she did open up to me and showed some real emotion, and that was a breakthrough in itself. Phaedra always appears to be in control of her emotions, so I was quite surprised when she started to tear up,” Claudia reveals of her sit-down conversation with Parks.

Of course, Phaedra and Claudia Jordan have not been close friends on the show, and it is odd that Claudia would think that Phaedra would open up about something so personal. Maybe other topics would have been more appropriate for the situation, given how emotional Parks had been during her husband’s betrayal. But Jordan felt that she was making progress with Phaedra.

“At that point in the conversation she was talking about failure and recalling an incident where she didn’t pass an exam and was doubting herself. I know that wasn’t relationship related, but the fact that she was willing and able to open up to a newbie about something that was painful to her — to me was still progress. I appreciated that conversation, and I think both participants in a deep convo like that can’t help but to walk away feeling moved and also just more aware of what may make the other person tick. It was a positive experience,” Claudia Jordan reveals.

And while it was a great experience for Claudia, fans of the show were angry with Jordan for pushing Phaedra Parks to talk about such an emotional time in her life. Phaedra has later revealed that the sentencing pushed her into a deep depression. According to the Inquisitr, Claudia dealt with suicidal thoughts after her divorce, but viewers didn’t think the two situations were comparable.

“I thought #Claudia was sincere but nope. She ran right back to Cynthia & Kenya reporting what little #Phaedra had shared w/her,” one viewer wrote, while another added, “The b*tch was only married for a hot ass min them people didn’t want that hoe in there family and don’t blame them at all.”

What do you think of Claudia Jordan talking to Phaedra about her divorce?

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