April Fools Backfire: Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend For April Fools’ Joke, But He Agrees

Ah, April Fools, a day when people around the world are free to openly lie and emotionally (or physically) maim each other with practical jokes and pranks in the name of fun and mischief.

But when Hayleigh Mcbay attempted to break up with her boyfriend for an April Fools’ joke over whatsApp, things didn’t exactly go according to plan — and it became another awkward breakup.

“I don’t want to be with you anymore,” Mcbay messaged. “I’m not happy.”

“Thank God you said it first so I didn’t have to,” came her beau’s reply.

Um, what?

Though the exchange was “priceless” as one Twitter user put it, it seems Mcbay’s boyfriend, David, was up to his own April Fools’ shenanigan. According to Hayleigh, he realized she was playing an April Fools’ joke and decided to prank her right back.

Not all April Fools’ pranks end in laughs, however. Sometimes, there are tears.

Other times, a sensitive stomach gets upset.

Some may end up in handcuffs.

And cause emotional terror.

As well as lots of property damage, which was the case with this ingenious plan.

There are also the broken, nay crushed, dreams.

How did this day of practical jokes and tomfoolery begin? No one can really give a clear answer to that, as the exact origin of April Fools’ Day is shrouded in mystery.

One of the two most common theories of April Fools’ origin goes back to 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull decreeing a new standard calendar for Christian Europe. With the Gregorian calendar, the date of the new year was changed from April 1 to January 1. However, not all Europeans agreed with this change and continued to celebrate the new year between March 25 and April 1. So, April fools were the men and women who celebrated the holiday in the spring and were ridiculed and pranked.

It has also been suggested that April Fools’ Day has been derived from the ancient Roman festival of Hilaria, which was celebrated by dressing up in disguise and enjoying a good laugh.

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