‘March Madness’ Final Four Winner Determined — By Puppies! [Video]

The end of 2015’s NCAA Basketball Tournament or “March Madness” is nearly upon us. The Final Four will see Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke, and Wisconsin throw down to determine which basketball teams will make it to the final and ultimately win this year’s tournament. The heavy favorite continues to be the undefeated Kentucky. At 38-0, the Wildcats are hoping to pull off the ultimate in perfect seasons.

Despite this, uncertainty has arisen over which of the four surviving teams could win it all. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took a rather unconventional (and absolutely adorable) approach to finding out the most likely winner. “When it comes to predicting things we have a secret weapon,” said Fallon. The “secret weapon”? A litter of Golden Retriever puppies!

Fallon explained that the Final Four winner would be determined by seven puppies and “four bowls of Kibbles”. According to Jimmy, whichever team drew the most puppies would be the national champions. The furry predictors received a quick pep talk from Jimmy Fallon and then they were released.

At first, only four of the seven puppies seemed interested in nibbling their way to a Final Four prediction. The other three were a bit shy, staying in the containment area. Fallon picked up one of the puppies and put it on the ramp. The encouragement led the puppy to head towards Duke, only to join its siblings in munching the kibble in the Michigan State bowl. Jimmy declared that the Puppy Predictors had crowned the winner of the Final Four would be Michigan State.

“Michigan State will be crowned the 2015 National Champs…You heard it here first!”

While the Michigan State team no doubt appreciates the vote of confidence by a group of hungry puppies and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, many a skeptic would dismiss the possibility that the outcome of the turbulent and unpredictable “March Madness” tournament could be determined by an animal.

As it turns out, animals predicting the outcome of major tournaments is nothing new. Back in 2010, a certain octopus by the name of Paul rose to international fame when it appeared that he was predicting the outcome of World Cup matches with startling accuracy. It’s believed that Paul the Octopus even picked Spain to win the entire thing — which they did.

Do you believe Jimmy Fallon’s “puppy predictors” are right about Michigan State? Which of the teams in the Final Four do you think will win the championship this year?

[Image Credit: The Tonight Show]

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