Prince William: Bookies Slash Odds On Royal Baby Being Named ‘Alice’

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are about to become parents for the second time. William and Kate’s second child will become fourth in line to the throne after Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. For the first time Prince William’s children will be directly in the line of succession after a recent change in the law that decreed that male descendants of the Prince would always take precedent.

At present William and Kate have not given any indication as to whether or not they know the gender of the new royal baby but there has been speculation in recent days that the baby may be a girl. That speculation is gathering pace as the bookmakers have slashed the odds on Prince William and Kate’s new baby being named Alice.

According to Heat World, Rupert Adams – spokesman for bookmaker William Hill – said “Alice is the new favourite and we have seen a significant number of bets, particularly from the Tunbridge area, you have to think there is good reason for the gamble.”

According to Just Jared bookmakers Ladbrokes also have Alice as the favorite name for William and Kate’s new royal baby and have Elizabeth closely behind. Other top names for girls are Charlotte, Alexandra, and Victoria. If the baby is a boy, the top names being bet upon are James, Arthur, Henry, Charles and Thomas.

If William and Kate do name their baby Alice, it would not be a huge surprise, as Alice is a traditional name within the British royal family. A rush of bets this week has seen the odds on William’s baby being named Alice being slashed from 14/1 to 3/1. As any gambler will tell you the, bookmakers rarely get it wrong.

According to Hello Magazine one gambler has placed a bet of £300 on Prince William and Kate’s new baby being named Alice, a bet that would win the luck gambler £4,500 if they prove to be correct.

If William and Kate do choose Alice she would follow in the footsteps of Queen Victoria’s daughter Alice Maud Mary. The late Princess Alice was famous for her compassionate nature and relentless advocacy of women’s rights. If the baby is named Alice Kate and Prince William would doubtless be very happy to see her inherit those qualities as they would continue a legacy laid down by Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana.

Interestingly, the name Diana does not appear anywhere near the top of the bookmakers favorites. Could they have missed an obvious choice. Who would bet against Prince William and his wife naming a girl after the Prince’s mother?

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