Kim Kardashian Advises Against Makeup Laziness & Negligence

During a recent interview, Kim Kardashian offers a look into her beauty secrets. One specific area she covers is makeup. She advises against laziness.

If you’re a woman who wears makeup, you know about the importance of proper care — or, at least, it would be advantageous if you do. Kim Kardashian prides herself on appearance. If you follow Kim’s Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that she recently posted photos of her contour methods.

Since then, the internet has been abuzz with it. However, there’s one thing that keeps getting left out. And that is the thing Kardashian said about women and makeup care — or rather, skin care.

In an interview with Aznil Nawawi, he inquires about some of her hopeful tips.

“Okay, and your beauty secret? What is your routine?”

Since Kim has said that she doesn’t mind sharing information, she responses as follows.

“Woo, my beauty secret. I just did an oxygen-facial the other day — yesterday, love it! I sunscreen…all the time. It’s really hopeful. And you know, for girls, I mean, I wash my makeup off everyday. You know, girls can get really lazy and just want to go to sleep. I moisturize. Like, I have moisturizer with me at all times. And I love, you know, all beauty treatments. I’m into everything.”

Kardashian said it quickly and got off of the topic. However, she knows and points out that there are women who don’t exactly take their makeup completely off at night, before bed. Unfortunately, this could be damaging to the skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross, M.D. and founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care, was asked if it’s really that bad not to remove makeup at night. His answer, relevant to Kim’s, was “yes,” according to Women’s Health. The doctor goes on to state that, when sleeping with makeup on for two nights a week, it clogs pores and oil glands — stretching them out to a tension too much for them to bounce back into their normal states.

Kim was right-on in her explanation. There’s certainly a reason she has great skin, no? Well, Dr. Gross continues. He says that, without a nightly makeup-removal routine, you could cause inflammation. That, combined with larger pores, will make your skin age much faster, he says.

So, it seems as though Kardashian was attempting to point her pupils in the right direction.

With this knowledge, already-known or just-learned, will you apply Kim’s advice? Do you feel it’s too much to do like Kardashian’s routine?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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