Tyson and Bin Laden Both Have Former Mansions For Sale [Photo Gallery]

Both Mike Tyson and Khalil bin Ladin (brother to Osama bin Laden) have mansions that are now up for sale in the U.S

Recently, it has been announced that an abandoned Ohio mansion that formerly belonged to heavy weight boxing champ Mike Tyson, is being sold and turned into a church. The fascinating thing about this recent real estate transaction is that the now-abandoned Tyson abode is no mere “McMansion” but rather an honest to goodness, over-the-top mansion. The shear scale of this modern deserted palace is what made the photos of the former home, captured by photographer Johny Joo, so surreal

Mike Tyson

Tyson however is not the only recognizable name to have a former palatial residents on the market. The much more infamous name “Bin Laden” may also be slapped in front of a mansion for sale in the U.S.

In the town of Oakland, Florida – just about half an hour from the gates of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, lies a 1920’s mansion which formerly belonged to Kahlil bin Laden. Kahlil bin Laden is brother to the late Osama bin Laden, the most infamous terrorist in recent history. Kahlil bought the old Florida mansion back in 1980 as a gift for his wife, according to Abandoned Florida.

Abandoned Florida reports that the less infamous Bin Laden used the Florida mansion as a vacation home up until the days immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Once it became widely known that his brother was the mastermind of the deadly attacks, Kahlil and his family boarded a charter jet and fled the U.S. — never to return to their 80-year-old mansion.

Since the lesser bin Laden’s hurried departure, the old Florida mansion sat abandoned on the shores of Johns Lake. As is typical with abandoned structures, the mansion began to fall into disrepair. Florida’s unforgiving heat and humidity were aided in their destructive work by the occasional thrill seeker/vandal. Abandoned Florida offered reports of bullet holes being found in the walls of the mansion in 2009 as well as a safe being flung down a flight of stairs.

The former Bin Laden mansion traded multiple sets of hands until 2012 when, according to VICE, a man by the name of John LeClaire — a part time poker player and paralegal — bought the mansion and its accompanying estate. According to the VICE article, LeClaire resides in the back house and is currently refurbishing the mansion and renting it out for weddings. Like the former Tyson Mansion, the former Bin Laden mansion is currently up for sale.

[Body Image 1 credit to NY Daily News, Body Image 2 credit to Abandoned Florida via Flurbex, Photo Gallery credit to Abandoned Florida via Flurbex]

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