Conor McGregor Snags Aldo’s Belt As Tensions Explode In Lead-Up To UFC 189 [Video]

The UFC’s Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo are scheduled for a reckoning this Summer. The two power-house mixed martial artists are scheduled to face off July 15th at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, Aldo bringing with him the championship belt and only one loss in his over-a-decade long career, and McGregor coming off a relentless fighting rampage with 13 straight wins.

But with months to go before what promises to be a ferocious battle, McGregor and Aldo have already been seemingly ready to tear each other’s heads off, and have constantly been in the other’s face while accompanying UFC president, Dana White, on a UFC 189 World Tour to promote the upcoming violent Vegas gala.

McGregor, Aldo fight
Conor McGregor stares down upcoming opponent and Defending Champion, Jose Aldo, during a stop on the UFC 189 World Tour.

The latest Conor McGregor vs Aldo brouhaha erupted Tuesday in Dublin as the UFC 189 World Tour reached its conclusion and a fevered pitch, reports FOX Sports.

As seen in the video below, Aldo lights this latest fire, before a packed house of Irish Conor McGregor fans, going on a rant in his Brazilian-Portuguese native tongue. A translator blows the roof off the place when it’s revealed that Aldo’s rant includes his claim, “I’m the king of Dublin!”

Along with his hometown crowd, Conor McGregor is not pleased with the Brazilian’s affront and proceeds on a rant of his own before quickly reaching around a befuddled Dana White and grabbing Aldo’s championship belt. Conor McGregor then leads the crowd in a boisterous chant, raising the belt high and screaming “You’re looking at the king!”

Aldo goes bananas, held back only by Dana White before security floods the stage and retrieves the belt from Conor McGregor, averting a months-early McGregor/Aldo bout.

This is just the latest Conor McGregor beef with Aldo during the UFC 189 World Tour, which began in Brazil before fighting its way to this final round in Ireland.

The Conor McGregor vs Aldo fuse was officially lit January 18th of this year when McGregor delivered one of his trademark beat-downs on Dennis Siver, Conor raining down blows to earn a technical knockout while Aldo watched from the crowd.

The Siver victory secured, as seen below, Conor McGregor instantly jumps to his feet, locates Aldo, and tears over the cage after him, or at least to give him the maniacal McGregor stare-down.

Stare downs and attempts at intimidation don’t win fights in the UFC, however, particularly not against a seasoned champion like Jose Aldo who hasn’t lost a fight since 2005. Of course Conor McGregor is pretty well-seasoned himself and perhaps just that confident in his abilities to overwhelm Aldo.

McGregor certainly made a case for this notion after the Dublin ruckus, making a bold prediction in what has become another Conor McGregor trademark.

“I’ll be done in one,” said McGregor.

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