Ralph Lauren’s Manhattan Restaurant Beckons Celebrity Guests

Nestled in Midtown Manhattan, Ralph Lauren’s newly minted The Polo Bar is becoming NYC’s newest hangout for celebrities, fashion moguls, and stars. As Inquisitr recently reported, the establishment is attracting attention from top names, including Derek Jeter, Rihanna, and Christie Brinkley, for its gourmet cuisine, sophisticated ambiance, and exquisite service. Like Ralph’s other two restaurants, one in Chicago and the other in Paris, The Polo Bar’s guest roster is booked with celebrities for months in advance.

According to Ralph Lauren, the inspiration for the NYC-based upscale restaurant began with a passion for family get-togethers punctuated with fantastic food. “I’m drawn to the kind of food that people truly enjoy – vibrant food that people want to return to time and again,” Lauren commented. Once the fashion icon planted roots in the Manhattan space, the quest for an innovative menu began. Currently featuring everything from top-of-the-line caviar to savory bone-in ribeye steaks, The Polo Bar’s menu is indicative of Lauren’s eclectic taste in foods.

One of the most notable aspects of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar is its consistency with Lauren’s’ brand image. Deep green walls are adorned with what appears to be a puzzle comprised of high end equine oil paintings. An apt artistic choice for Lauren, equine art has its roots in Asia when it became an art form unto itself. The horse’s importance in Asian culture varied from transportation to war, but Ralph’s use if equine art is strategically related to his brand. According to Park West Gallery,“Whether captured in oil or pastels, equine art is highly sought after and is a sophisticated choice for The Polo Bar.”

In a review of the restaurant, Bloomberg Business writer Tejal Rao noted, “After a while, as you sit on saddle leather, sipping a fine Moscow Mule bobbing with a tiny wooden polo mallet, it might seem as if you’ve been trapped, Inception-style, in the dreams of a deranged billionaire equine fetishist.” Clearly, recent visitors to the upscale venue don’t agree, as the waiting list to visit the establishment continues to get lengthier.

Situated near Lauren’s Manhattan store, The Polo Bar is an expert pairing of gourmet fare and the type of first-class service only available in bustling cities like New York. In an interview with The New York Times, Ralph Lauren stated, “When I was a kid, you could get a great corned beef sandwich downtown. I suddenly thought to myself I haven’t had a good corned beef sandwich in a long time. Let’s work on that.” Seemingly accomplishing his mission, Lauren’s chef-created menu features “Ralph’s Corned Beef Sandwich,” a $22 twist on the NYC favorite.

[Image courtesy of NY Times]

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