One Direction, Fall Out Boy Collaboration? Source Says It’s Happening

When you think of hard rock, One Direction is likely not the first band that comes to mind. Along the same lines, most people wouldn’t expect Fall Out Boy to churn out the same kind of upbeat pop that One Direction’s fans (“Directioners”) have come to love. But a One Direction/Fall Out Boy collaboration is coming, an anonymous source told the Daily Star this past Friday.

The Daily Star‘s source mentioned that 1D wants to begin making more “mature” music and that pop artist Ed Sheeran will appear alongside bands including Fall Out Boy, The Cribs, All Time Low for One Direction’s new album. However, the Daily Star mentioned that One Direction will still be performing under Simon Cowell’s music label, SyCo Music.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fall Out Boy, sampling their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho will give you a decent idea of what they’re about. The album features the edgy rock song “Centuries,” which can more or less be said to emulate the driving dance/rock beat of past hits such as “Dance, Dance” and “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” (“Thanks For The Memories”). Needless to say, it would be odd to see the band paired up against a peppy pop group that is essentially the Backstreet Boys or N*Sync of this decade.

After band member Zayn Malik made a dramatic departure from the band in a move that’s sure to make the jaws of fangirls and boys everywhere drop, the Daily Star pointed out the fact that this may be One Direction’s last album, and they are looking for something that can define and somewhat summarize their career. Whether bringing bands like Fall Out Boy or All Time Low on board will achieve that goal, or make fans of the former complain that One Direction just killed “real” music remains to be seen.

Whether the rumors are true or not, the country’s favorite boy band will have to see whether Fall Out Boy can squeeze them in between playing opening night at Wrigley Field on April 5. The band tweeted fans with both of these exciting news items, but their Twitter didn’t even hint at the supposed One Direction collaboration.

Fall Out Boy, who recently defeated Lana Del Rey in a “Musical March Madness” tournament, will be touring starting on October 2015, their Twitter reports. Unfortunately for American fans, you’ll have to go across the pond to see your favorite band; they’ll only be touring in the United Kingdom this time around.

Whether the rumors of a Fall Out Boy/One Direction collaboration are true or not, working together probably wouldn’t hurt either band’s sales given that they’re both still pretty omnipresent in the eyes of the public and have been for several years. What’s your take on the situation? Would working with One Direction alienate Fall Out Boy’s die-hard fans, or will it only serve to increase their popularity due to working with a band that is already so well-known?

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