Howard Stern Surprised By His Good Behavior on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard Stern recently sat down in the judges chair on “America’s Got Talent” but he hasn’t been as mean as you might think. Stern has been pretty well behaved on the talent show, which has been surprising even for him.

Reality TV Magazine reports that stern saw his first round of contestants recently and the infamous talk show host found himself being more compassionate than he expected.

Stern said:

“There were times when I was downright compassionate. It was really unsettling…”

Stern says that he has a knack for guiding people without talent in the right direction. Stern added:

“I’ve taken more no-talents and made them talents. There is a way to sculpt people, to mentor people, and a way to find something that would tap into the national psyche.”

The shock jock may be trying to help those talentless souls on America’s Got Talent, but he knows that sometimes he has to buzz them out. Stern said that he felt like the devil when he had to buzz out a 9-year-old girl. Stern said:

“I buzzed a nine-year-old kid. The kid was adorable, but I did it, man, you got to do it. I said, ‘Look, you’re cute, you’re adorable, but goodness gracious, you don’t belong on America’s Got Talent,’ and you just feel like the devil himself.”

NBC is reportedly paying Stern about $15 million per season so hopefully the money comfort Stern when he feels like the devil.

Do you think Howard Stern will make a good judged on “America’s Got Talent”

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