10 Things We Learned From ‘Raw’ After ‘WrestleMania 31’ – Lesnar Is A Beast, Sheamus Is Back, NXT Takes Over

One night after WrestleMania 31, WWE headed to San Jose, California to the night-after Monday Night Raw. This is usually one of the best Raws of the year, and the crowd is big-time hot for everything that’s about to happen. Well, they were in for a huge treat as a ton of things took place and here are 10 things we learned.

1. Brock Lesnar is a beast. A solid and absolute beast that the fans have now taken to, as if he was Stone Cold Steve Austin or Ric Flair. Whether WWE wants him to be a face or a heel, the fans are going to cheer for him. Lesnar’s absolute decimation of the announcer’s table, a cameraman, and Michael Cole was a phenomenal segment.

Stephanie McMahon coming out and suspending him indefinitely gives him a way to be written off of TV to have time off, per his contract. Now, the pop will be even louder when his music hits again in a month or so.

brock lesnar michael cole

2. NXT is taking over. Sin Cara could never get over before, but now he will as a member of the Lucha Dragons, who impressed incredibly in their WWE debut. The fans are overly behind both of them, and rightfully so.

3. Adrian Neville is hugely over, and it seems as if WWE is going the Cesaro route and have dropped the “Adrian” part of his name. Neville made quick work of Curtis Axel, and the Red Arrow looked just as amazing as it has every single time.

4. The tag-team division is getting much stronger. The champs are there in the Brass Ring Club and now there is The New Day, The Ascension, Los Matadores, Lucha Dragons, and The Usos. There are teams with names and that’s important.

5. Sheamus is much better as a heel, and the new look isn’t bad either. His turn on Daniel Bryan is likely leading to a feud with him over the Intercontinental Title, and it elevates that title even more. That’s a good thing.

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6. The United States Title is also returning to prominence and it started off well with a nice match between John Cena and Dean Ambrose. It was an impromptu match that was pretty good for Raw, and one that would have worked well as a feud. Maybe it’s a way of showing that Cena is a fighting champion.

7. Seth Rollins works as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s going to be one that appears on Raw every week and sometimes SmackDown. Rollins will also defend the belt on PPVs and fans want that. It will work nicely until Lesnar is not suspended and comes in to destroy him to get his title back.

8. Speaking of the tag-team division earlier, it’s time to reunite the Dust Brothers. Stardust got defeated quickly by Mizdow. Goldust got squashed by Rusev. Put them back together and throw them into the tag-title race, especially if Goldust isn’t retiring.

9. The main event of Raw should not have been a main event. The crowd did not care about really anyone involved in it but Seth Rollins. Get Randy Orton away from it, and forget about Ryback, Big Show, Kane, and Reigns.

10. Roman Reigns is done. He’s John Cena Part Two, but possibly worse. The fans could care less about him and it was blatantly obvious when his entrance through the crowd actually shut them up and made them turn away.

There you have it. With WrestleMania over for another year, WWE needed to start things off fresh and right for the road after the big show. That was one heck of a Monday Night Raw, and one that has set up immediate and future storylines that fans will give their approval.

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