Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Is A Real Life ‘Cookie,’ She Is Demanding Part Of His ‘Empire’ Paycheck

Terrence Howard, the 46 year-old star of the hit show Empire, is finding himself in a real-life situation that vaguely mirrors the script on his new show. Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Ghent is demanding that she be paid part of the wages he has made while working on Empire.

The Daily Mail reports that Ghent is claiming her ex-husband owes her $500,000 in legal fees and spousal support. According to Ghent, the reason Howard has not paid up, is because previous to his stint on Empire, he was only making a little over $5,000 a month.

Ghent already has a court order to receive $5,800 a month from Howard, but she is also entitled to 21 percent of whatever Howard earned the first three months of 2015. BET says that Howard is making $125,000 per episode of the massively popular hit show. Solely based on Howard’s income from Empire, it seems he owes Ghent another $65,000. That does not include income Howard has made on projects besides Empire.

Howard is hoping he has another hit on his hands, when he debuts his new series Wayward Pines on FOX later this year. Terrence is going to star opposite Matt Dillon in the new show about the disappearance of two federal agents in a small mysterious town, located in Idaho. Howard will be playing the role of Sheriff Arnold Pope.

Wayward Pines is executive produced by Chad Hodge, Ashwin Rajan, Donald De Line and M. Night Shyamalan. FOX picked up the show in 2014 with an order for 10 episodes. Howard and his co-stars are expected to be a mid-season replacement for the network. The pilot episode was written by Hodge and directed by famous movie director, Shyamalan.

Howard is going to owe Ghent a portion of whatever income he makes from his new show as well. Howard married Ghent in January 2010, but Ghent filed for divorce a short time later in February 2011. After Ghent filed the papers, she went to the court to ask for a restraining order against Howard, claiming he was physically abusive towards her. The divorce was final in May 2013.

Howard is now re-married to this third wife, Miranda Pak. The couple announce they were expecting their first child together in January, 2015.

A long history of domestic violence allegations could have seriously harmed Howard’s career, but in an interview with Deadline, Howard said that he was a product of his environment, and he was never taught how to deal with his emotions and frustrations. Howard expressed his gratitude to FOX for looking past his mistakes, and only taking into consideration his talent when casting for Empire.

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