Tara Reid Body Weight: Actress’ Slender Figure Sparks More Rumors Of Alleged Health Crisis

Monday, when Tara Reid took to the beach in Miami, the American Pie actress was among friends and appeared to be having a wonderful time in the sand and sun. And when the bikini photos of Reid hit the internet, waves of criticism ensued about Tara’s slender — or as Daily Mail referred to it — “worryingly thin” frame.

The 39-year-old actress, who re-upped for the third installment of Sharknado, appeared carefree among a bunch of gal pals. A number of photos show Reid relaxing on beach furniture, chatting, and having a smoke. Others show Tara trotting near the surf as part of a photoshoot for a bridal shower.

While some fans and viewers shared niceties about the actress’ floral bikini and for appearing to have boatloads of fun, others were not so amusing. This group largely focused on Tara Reid’s appearance and thinning body from previous months.

The online clamoring continued about Reid’s weight loss and gave rise to rumors that she is suffering from a personal health crisis. Even some sites that carried the story about her posted pics on Instagram and social media platforms, fed into the rumors with choices of descriptors. One used “scary skinny” while another referred to Reid’s physique as “frail.”

Tara doesn’t seem daunted by the latest gossip about her health and figure. In the past, Reid acknowledged undergoing body-contouring procedures that apparently went wrong and caused her body to be misshapen. She blames her changing body on her quest to have a “six-pack” stomach. In interview with TMZ last year, Tara said she was born with a small frame.

“I’m just a small boned girl, you see? Some people eat too much you yell at them – they’re fat,” Tara said, referring to any critics saying her body was too frail looking. “I’m just what I am,” she said. “So if you wanna get mad at me cause I’m skinny, go ahead. I am what I am.”

“I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted – I’m not going to lie – a six-pack. I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.”

Tara is not alone in being on the receiving end of harsh comments about her body image and weight. A day earlier, Inquisitr reported on Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic and her struggles with weight critics. One photo surfaced recently on social media of Rancic wearing a dress that “made her look very petite.” Fans suggest that she is looking “seemingly thinner,” but Giuliana says that she has a high metabolism, works out quite a bit, and feels like she’s in the best shape of her life.

Tara Reid says that after the cosmetic procedures went terribly wrong, she suffered through the pain, both mental and physical. However, she claims to be in a good place in her life right now and that speaks volumes, according to an interview last year with a British tabloid.

“Right now I’m happy with my body, though. But the mental and physical pain I went through after I had the surgery was horrific. I went through two years of living in denial and everyone saying how bad my body was.”

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