WWE Rumor: Seth Rollins And Brock Lesnar Expected To Main Event SummerSlam?

The episode of WWE Raw after WrestleMania is always one for the record books. WWE officials pull out all the stops to make sure the WWE fans go home happy. Among the excellent things to occur on WWE Raw, Neville, former-NXT champion, finally made his debut on the WWE’s main roster. The Divas put on a great six-man tag-team match.

Last night’s crowd chanted every NXT star and sexual gesture in the book. That made the “Raw after Mania” crowd one of the best ever. It wasn’t until the end of the show where they hijacked the program. After a legendary WWE Raw, a six-man tag-team match took place. Randy Orton had to find two partners to take on the Authority. He chose Ryback and Roman Reigns was the “surprise” partner.

The WWE Universe in San Jose let them hear it with chants of NXT stars, the wave and a “we are awesome” chant that is very rare to hear. One of the huge events to take place last night was the suspension of Brock Lesnar. He came out to the ring looking for a WWE title match with Seth Rollins and destroyed everything. It was a chaotic scene at WWE Raw. Stephanie McMahon’s suspending of Lesnar indicates he was written off television.

That begs the question: when will Brock Lesnar return to WWE television? According to What Culture, speculation is starting to build towards a huge match featuring the two white-hot WWE superstars at a major pay-per-view.

“WWE Champion Seth Rollins is expected to headline this year’s SummerSlam against Brock Lesnar. The feud was established on Raw last night, before Brock was temporarily scripted out of the storylines. Lesnar is taking his annual hiatus from the company, which usually culminates in a big comeback match at SummerSlam.”

When WWE decided to change the ending to the WrestleMania main event, they inadvertently wrote the next several months of WWE TV. They will be going with their best heel, Seth Rollins, and their best face, Brock Lesnar, in the biggest event of the Summer, SummerSlam. This is when Lesnar usually returns, so they can wait a while and make Rollins even more hated by the WWE Universe.

After Lesnar’s tirade last night, he made the ultimate babyface turn. If giving Michael Cole an F-5 wasn’t enough, before that he flipped the announce table over, which never got fixed to sell the destruction of Lesnar. The “Beast Incarnate” also gave a cameraman an F-5, which sent the crowd into an uproar. Once the WWE’s top heel, Stephanie McMahon, suspended Lesnar, his babyface turn was complete.

When Lesnar does return to the WWE this Summer, the pop will include an uproar of cheers and it will nearly blow the roof off the venue WWE is in that night. Expect Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins to headline SummerSlam, with a possible appearance by Roman Reigns or Randy Orton to make it a triple threat match for the WWE title.

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