Louis Tomlinson Twitter Feud: Louis, Naughty Boy Fight Over Zayn Malik On Twitter

Louis Tomlinson fought with music producer Naughty Boy over Zayn Malik moments before the former One Direction Brit released his solo single on SoundCloud. Fans are now wondering if Zayn left One Direction on good terms. The music producer ticked off Louis on Monday night.

Naughty Boy retweeted a creepy video saying that “he saved Zaughty” and “Zaughty will rise.” The video was fan-made and featured a robotic voice that repeatedly said, “Zaughty will rise.”

Louis Tomlinson tweeted: “Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal, seriously how f****ing old are you? Grow up! #masterofallwisdom”

Tomlinson then added: “Always have struggled to bite my tongue.” E! Online reported that a Directioner asked Tomlinson was he ranting about on Twitter. He responded: “in reply to that stupid video he RT’d. Clearly trying to wind you lot up!!!”

It sounds like Louis was looking out for his fans. Naughty Boy was confused and thought the singer was upset over a tweet from 2012 in which he wrote, “Louis, what a d**k.”

Naughty Boy wrote: “@Louis_Tomlinson calm down. Was talking bout Louis Walsh cuz he didn’t let someone through on x factor. Look @ the date of the tweet. #2014.”

Tomlinson responded: “@NaughtyBoyMusic I was talking about the video you tweeted. Clearly trying to wind the fans up! Well you succeeded anyway. Fair play.”


Naughty Boy further explained his reason for retweeting the creepy video: “When ur getting hate for something u didn’t do, a bit of love can go a long way, that’s why I retweeted, time will tell the real story guys.”

That’s when Naughty Boy tweeted a link to Zayn Malik’s solo single, telling fans to “let the music do the talking guys. Thank us later.”

Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only one feuding with Naughty Boy on Twitter. Hollywood Life reported that his little sister also took to the social networking site to slam the music producer. Tomlinson’s 11-year-old sister slammed Naughty Boy for having less Twitter followers than her.

Daisy Tomlinson tweeted: “Maybe there is a reason why I have more followers than you.” Her tweet had Directioners cracking up on Twitter. Tomlinson’s tweet also reportedly has over 56,000 RT’s and 45,000 favorites.


Tomlinson’s little sis didn’t stop there. She added: “Naughty Boy is being really naughty right now. I think he needs to have a talk from his mum.” Tomlinson followed up by retweeting messages from Directioners and memes about the producer.

Naughty Boy didn’t respond to Tomlinson’s diss on Twitter. He was too busy promoting Zayn Malik’s solo single and retweeting related messages about the song.

What are your thoughts on the feud between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy? Do you think he should’ve kept his thoughts to himself?

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