Man Who Threw Glass At ‘X Factor’ Judge Pleads Guilty In Court

Twenty-one-year-old Arian Berisha pleaded guilty in court to throwing the glass that hit X Factor judge Redfoo in the face at The Golden Sheaf Hotel Pub in Australia last summer.

Redfoo was shocked back in late August of last year when he was hit by the glass as he left the VIP section of the venue and suffered a cut above his eye which was treated by medical professionals.

In September, Berisha’s defense lawyers told the court that the only info on the incident was on Twitter, as they quipped that they were, “seeking statements of more than 140 characters.”

Redfoo told reporters more recently about the incident, “It was shocking to me, when something like that happens. There was quite a bit of blood. My hand was all bloody, I looked in the mirror, the whole side of my face had blood on it,” he said.

In speaking about the possible motive behind the unprovoked attack, Redfoo asked, “I have no clue on why you could do such a thing, I can only think of the word jealousy. It’s one of the big questions I have. Why, why would he do that? Why would somebody throw a glass at somebody?”

The owners of the pub said they were shocked and outraged by the attack, saying, ‘This behaviour is not tolerated. We are in discussions with Redfoo and his management, and we’re glad that he is okay.”

A man at the pub, Josh Allerton, recalled what happened that night, “(Redfoo) went down in pain, all of a sudden it just unfolds. He starts sprinting after the guy who gets caught by security… Blood starts coming from his head and we realised it was a bottle being thrown.”

Berisha is due to be sentenced in late April for throwing the glass at the X factor judge, an act that could have resulted in something a lot worse than just a cut above the eye.

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