Ray J Renegotiates Contract For ‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’

It’s amazing how one dinner can save the fate of a reality show. When hip hop artist Ray J walked out on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood last week, the show’s creator Mona Scott-Young was quick to remedy the problem.

Brandi’s younger brother took the noble step by quitting the VH1 reality show saying that it had been affecting his relationship with girlfriend Princess Love. He pointed out that the program only showed the negative aspects of their relationship and never the positive ones. Ray J also wanted the show to feature his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Knowing that the artist is one of the few names that keeps the show running, Scott-Young invited the couple to a renegotiation over dinner. The three agreed to a balanced story line that depicts both the good and the bad in the couple’s relationship. Scott-Young insisted on keeping the drama because after all, it’s the main factor that rakes in the money for the franchise.

Ray J agreed to Scott-Young’s new terms and perhaps as gesture of good faith, she sealed the deal with a rating bonus. This time, the higher the ratings, the sweeter the deal for Ray J.

The hip hop/RnB artist had his reasons for prioritizing his relationship over the show. The two have been going through some tough times in their relationship since Princess Love’s arrest last February. She was arrested for domestic abuse and battery and guess who the victim was? No other than her boyfriend, Ray J.

According to police reports, it happened on a night when Ray J returned to their hotel suite from a strip joint with the reality show’s TV producers. The offended girlfriend definitely wasn’t cool about it and went into an angry fit. She attacked Ray J inflicting several physical injuries on the hip hop artist. He had a few broken ribs and a busted lip.

Moreover, a source from the hotel even reported to the authorities that they heard Princess Love screaming, “I’m gonna kill you!”

Despite all the commotion, Ray J took it in stride. He never hit his girlfriend back and even bailed her out. He also paid 10 grand for Princess Love’s lawyer. So when Ray J said that he wanted to leave the show and focus on building a life with Princess, perhaps he truly meant it.

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